Challenge #224 … “Monotangle-Tipple”

Many of the entries in this week’s Diva Challenge are so beautiful … and, of course, I love all the ocean-themed pieces.  They are so pretty and the shading is exquisite!  It’s also very interesting to see what “just circles” can create.


I can see where I’ve taken time and concentrated on the direction of my pen with some nicely shaped circles.  Then there’s the others!  Oh well … “no perfection”.  I used a piece of paper we received at “Tangle by the Bay” in San Diego back in April – (Stonehenge Rising – Grey).

9 Comments on “Challenge #224 … “Monotangle-Tipple”

  1. Very nice. I’m dreaming of some ocean time myself soon. Nice use of shading.


  2. Great tipple, the circle looks as though it is floating like a frisbee


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