Cross Country Collaboration …

About a month ago, I started a “Cross Country Tile Collaboration” with CZT’s Lauryn Eldon, Charlotte Carpentier and Maria Pahos-Benson.  We each started three tiles, creating a string with four spaces.  After we filled in one of the sections, they were mailed “round robin” style to one another.   This was kind of a spin on the “Traveling Tangles Project” written about in a Certified Zentangle Teacher Facebook post.

Today, I received my original tiles back in the mail.  I LOVE THEM!  Everyone’s work is so beautiful.  How fun to see how we all interpreted the strings and what patterns we used.  I highly recommend giving this a try.


2 Comments on “Cross Country Collaboration …

  1. Susan,
    Are you planning a beginning zen tangle class in May. I’m thinking of coming to SD
    visit my mom. Thought it would be fun to take a class if possible.

    ~Leslie 😺



    • Hi Leslie! No basic class on schedule for May, cuz of Mother’s Day, but we could still meet. Let me know when you’ll be in town and we’ll plan it. Would be good to see you!

      Susan Sent from my iPad



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