If you’ll be attending an upcoming class and want to purchase new supplies for delivery at class, let me know and I’ll do my best to get them prior to class, if I don’t already have them in stock.

Zentangle Kit – 34 Original White Tiles: Also includes 2 Sakura Pigma Micron Black 01 Pens, 2 Mini Zentangle Pencils, 1 Pencil Sharpener, 1 Tortillion, 1 Instruction Book and Companion DVD, and 1 Zentangle Legend & Icosahedron:  $49.00

The Book of Zentangle published by Zentangle Founders, Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas.  This book focuses on the back story, the philosophy, the method and art of Zentangle.  A perfect combination of amazing illustrations and poetic text.  The first and only book currently published by Rick & Maria:  $39.95

White Tiles – (set of 55):  $30.00
White Tiles – (set of 12):  $7.00
Black Tiles – (set of 21):  $13.00
Renaissance Tiles – (set of 21): $13.00
Bijou 2×2 tiles – (Tin of approx. 55):  $18.00

Sakura Pigma Micron Pen – Black – size 01: $3.00 each
Sakura Pigma Micron Pen – Brown – size 01:  $3.00 each
Sakura Graphic One:  Black/$3.00 each
Gelly Roll Pen – white gel ink perfect for the black tiles :  $2.00 each
Sakura Identipen:  Black /$4.00 each
Fabrico Dual Tip Marker – great for shading on fabric:  $4.00 each
Tombo Colorless Blending Pen:  $4.00 each

White Charcoal Pencil – highlighting and strings on black tiles :  $2.00 each
Mini Zentangle Pencils/One Tortillion:  $1.00/set

If there is something you’re interested, that is not on the list, let me know.  Products can also be purchased through, but be reminded that you will pay shipping fees that vary on the weight of your order.

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