All You Need ….

Some of my friends have been asking me what I use to make these little “Zentangle Inspired Art” drawings and that’s the best thing about Zentangle® …

All you need is a piece of paper, a pencil and a pen!  Zentangle is done on paper that measures 3.5″x3.5″ (known as a “tile”).  You need a pencil (any kind will do) and then a Sakura® Pigma™ Micron pen size 01.  That’s it.  You can see in my picture, I have a little bag to carry it all in.  This makes your supplies convenient and portable so you can take it anywhere you go.

I was introduced to Zentangle at a time when I was having issues with anxiety.  When I read the following excerpt from the Zentangle website describing one of the ways people use the Zentangle method, relaxation, I really wanted to give it a try.  My friend, Janet Masey, Tiki Tangles, invited eight of her friends over to her home, including Rho Densmore, a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT).  Rho shared the history of Zentangle, showed us books and her drawings, and then taught us four simple patterns.   By the time our class was over, we had all created two tiles using the same patterns, but all looking so different.  I’ve shared my first two tiles here in this post – pretty scary, but it was the beginning of my “artistic side”!

It really is calming as you watch the ink flow from your pen, making you slow down and relax, even if it’s just ten minutes.  The nice thing about the small “tile” is that it isn’t an overwhelming canvas.  You can finish your project and get the empowered feeling that you’ve not only taken some time out for yourself, but you’ve created something beautiful on your own!

In June, Janet and I will be attending the CZT Seminar in Providence, Rhode Island to become certified to teach Zentangle to others.  If you’re interested in learning more about this, check out the Zentangle website.  Then, let me know if you have any questions and we can start tangling together!

“We all need to relax from stress now and then. The Zentangle Method offers a quick way to intentionally redirect your focus and enter a relaxed state almost immediately. It does not require any particular physical skill. It does not require a uniform, location or equipment to relax and enjoy.”  (


First class with Rho Densmore, CZT
First class with Rho Densmore, CZT
The "Beginning" - first class with Rho Densmore, CZT
First class with Rho Densmore, CZT


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