Folded & Curled Corners …

February’s class at Icarus featured the concept of “folded and curled corners”.

I pre-tinted Zendala tiles before the class, in order to save on drying time, for the folded corner idea. Two new patterns were introduced – “D’rua” by Damy Teng, CZT and “Frunky” by K.K. Kolb, CZT. Both are super fun to draw and looked great combined with Bales, Printemps, Tipple and Henna Drum. Graphite was used to “fill in” the flap, echoing the exposed underside of the tile.

We had enough time to create a “curled corner” on a regular white tile. This time we simply reversed the same patterns, changing sides. This one was done in simple black, white and graphite.

Up Next:

Sunday, March 19th, 1-3pm at Icarus
Sunday, April 16th, 1-3pm at Icarus

“New Patterns” …

Sunday’s class at Icarus showcased Zentangle‘s new pattern “mysealiam”. After spending some time learning the pattern, we transferred that onto an Apprentice tile and added a few other tangles. I feel like myseliam has a “sea creature” vibe so we added tunnelvizion by Judy Genovese, CZT. Combining those two patterns with diva dance, printemps and crescent moon, and adding a little blue chalk pencil, the tiles came to life. I love how different the mysealiams look and how they seem to “dance” on the paper. Great job by Teri, Sharon, Liz and Cherie! Thanks for another great afternoon of friendship and tangling.

The next class will be held February 19th with a “surprise” theme …. perhaps a little color, more new patterns, maybe old patterns revisited ….. ? If you’d like to attend, contact me at to reserve your spot. Seating is limited.

“The Potters Learn to Tangle” …

This past weekend saw eight newcomers to Zentangle take their first class. These ladies are all friends from ceramics classes at Mesa College. Before Covid, I also took these classes and met these wonderful people. I figured since they were all friends, and asked if they could bring a glass of wine to class (after all Icarus Art Studio is on the grounds of the Bernardo Winery), that I was in for a lively intro class.

True to the Zentangle Method, once class started and they began to draw, you could hear a pin drop. They were into it, and I think trying to figure out how to incorporate Zentangle into their pottery! It will be fun to follow-up and see if anyone gives it a try.

We completed two tiles in the two hour class and the mosaics are beautiful. Hopefully, we’ll gather again and continue their Zentangle journeys. Thanks to all of you for a very fun afternoon!

Next up … “New Patterns” on Sunday, January 22nd and “Mystery Project” on Sunday, February 19th. All classes held at Icarus Creative Arts Studio from 1-3:00pm. Sign up early as seating is limited. Email me at to reserve your spot.

Upcoming Classes …

Sunday, January 15th … Intro to Zentangle – FULL CLASS

Sunday, January 22nd … New Zentangle Patterns

Sunday, February19th … Mystery Tangling aka “Surprise!”

The Winter Bird …

Since I won’t be holding any classes in December, we got our holiday tangling on this month!

Today, seven of us tangled beautiful red cardinals on renaissance Zendalas. Using Zentangle patterns to draw our birds, we then surrounded them in “pine leaves, red berries and sparkling snow”. The photo doesn’t really do the tiles justice – all the sparkle and white snow isn’t showing too well, but they really look like old-time Christmas cards that seemed to be covered in glitter!

Next up …

“Intro to Zentangle” on January 15th for those wanting to find out ‘just what is Zentangle’?

“New Patterns” class the following weekend on January 22nd.

Find all the details on the Class Descriptions/Sign-up page. Seating is limited so plan ahead. Email me at to reserve your seat.

Fall Lanterns …

This past Sunday, four of us made “Fall Lanterns” using the new Zentangle “Translucen-Z” tiles. We managed to finish two each, a pumpkin and a leaf, added some color and lit a battery-operated candle behind them! Turned out super cool. These translucent tiles could provide many backdrops for many occasions.

Next month’s class will be held Sunday, November 13th, from 1pm-3pm at Icarus. There will be no class offered in December so we will do our Holiday Tangling in November. Seating is limited so make your plans now. Let me know if I should reserve you a chair! (

These all turned out great – however, the pictures don’t do them justice as I had to “create” my own dark space to get the candles to show (inside my supplies bag!). Can’t wait to try some more. Christmas would be fun.

Happy Halloween!

Welcome Fall …

It’s time to sign up for the upcoming Fall-inspired Zentangle class on Sunday, October 9th. The time is 1pm-3pm. I will be introducing the new “Translucent-Z” tile from Zentangle. Seating is limited, so contact me to save your spot. Looking forward to welcoming this new season! (

(does not represent class project)

Renaissance Shading…

Had a great class at Icarus this past weekend. Five ladies came to enjoy a Sunday afternoon of tangling – two of them for their first time. The focus of the class was shading using Renaissance tiles as they really show how much a little shading can change a whole tile.

Patterns used were Zentangle patterns Pangea/Mrth and a variation of Onamato, as well as Pouf and Barberpole by Suzanne McNeil. These four patterns were great shading patterns. Everyone did a great job, including Dee and Marnie, the first time tanglers, who look like seasoned tangling pros.

The top two tiles by first timers Marnie & Dee, middle row Linda and Judy, and bottom Cherie. I love them all!

Next up is our class at Icarus on Sunday, October 9th, from 1-3pm, where I will be introducing the new Zentangle “Translucen-Z” tiles – a nice vellum material with a beautiful see-through surface. We will be creating Autumn candle displays. If you’d like to attend, contact me directly to save your seat. ( Hope to see you there!

New Patterns…

The class this past Sunday at Icarus shared a few new patterns and a couple old standbys! We used white Zendala tiles, black micron pens, white chalk pencils and white jelly roll pens to create a “focal” piece of Zentangle art. It was nice to be joined by the daughter/mother duo of Jess and Catherine, who were celebrating Catherine’s “birthday weekend”. Both had tangled before, but it was some time ago. While tangling yesterday, they both commented, “now I see why I really liked doing this”.

We started the tile with a border of Elegan by Tangle Dream (no name found, everything just said Tangle Dream as the creator of the pattern). This is one of the most beautiful patterns to draw. It incorporates the Zentangle™ pattern Mooka, some orbs, little flower shapes and the use of aura. It is very elegant! Our focal point was Triplex by Natalia Orlova, CZT. This is a fun pattern that can be enhanced in many ways to give it a new look every time. We added a few more Mooka, Printemps and Florz (which I mistakenly called Fluke yesterday … sorry guys, got my “Fl” mixed up. Credit to Sharon for questioning me when I did that!

We added our shading, some white chalk shading and a little white gel pen embellishments. It was a fun tile to create and allowed everyone to sort of go out on their own to add “extras”.

Upcoming classes are Sunday, September 11th and Sunday, October 9th. Both classes will be held at Icarus Creative Arts Studio from 1:00pm-3:00pm. I am taking reservations for the classes so let me know if you’d like your chair saved! The themes for these classes are still to be determined, but we will be getting into the Fall season so watch for something geared towards that!

Artist – Judy
Artist – Sharon
Artists – Jess & Catherine

“Hidden Critters” …

With much thanks to Susan Moen, CZT of The Crystal Cave, I recently taught a “Hidden Critters” class originated by Susan. I took this class earlier in the year and thought it was so much fun. When I was returning to teaching after the 2-year covid hiatus, I really wanted to share something super fun with my first class back. I asked Susan for permission to teach this and she graciously said yes.

As you can see from the results, it was a fun tile to create. In our June class, I shared my favorite botanical tangles, so we were able to incorporate much of that class with the “hidden” critters and added methods applied by Susan to make the varmints disappear!

The next class is scheduled for Sunday, August 14th from 1-3pm at Icarus. This class will feature new patterns and more of a true Zentangle tile, instead of a ZIA as we’ve done the last couple months. The class is filling up so reserve your space now. Send me an email and I’ll save you a chair!

Can you find a butterfly, bird, snake and bee?

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