Welcome Fall …

It’s time to sign up for the upcoming Fall-inspired Zentangle class on Sunday, October 9th. The time is 1pm-3pm. I will be introducing the new “Translucent-Z” tile from Zentangle. Seating is limited, so contact me to save your spot. Looking forward to welcoming this new season! (tanglesbythesea@gmail.com)

(does not represent class project)

Renaissance Shading…

Had a great class at Icarus this past weekend. Five ladies came to enjoy a Sunday afternoon of tangling – two of them for their first time. The focus of the class was shading using Renaissance tiles as they really show how much a little shading can change a whole tile.

Patterns used were Zentangle patterns Pangea/Mrth and a variation of Onamato, as well as Pouf and Barberpole by Suzanne McNeil. These four patterns were great shading patterns. Everyone did a great job, including Dee and Marnie, the first time tanglers, who look like seasoned tangling pros.

The top two tiles by first timers Marnie & Dee, middle row Linda and Judy, and bottom Cherie. I love them all!

Next up is our class at Icarus on Sunday, October 9th, from 1-3pm, where I will be introducing the new Zentangle “Translucen-Z” tiles – a nice vellum material with a beautiful see-through surface. We will be creating Autumn candle displays. If you’d like to attend, contact me directly to save your seat. (tanglesbythesea@gmail.com). Hope to see you there!

New Patterns…

The class this past Sunday at Icarus shared a few new patterns and a couple old standbys! We used white Zendala tiles, black micron pens, white chalk pencils and white jelly roll pens to create a “focal” piece of Zentangle art. It was nice to be joined by the daughter/mother duo of Jess and Catherine, who were celebrating Catherine’s “birthday weekend”. Both had tangled before, but it was some time ago. While tangling yesterday, they both commented, “now I see why I really liked doing this”.

We started the tile with a border of Elegan by Tangle Dream (no name found, everything just said Tangle Dream as the creator of the pattern). This is one of the most beautiful patterns to draw. It incorporates the Zentangle™ pattern Mooka, some orbs, little flower shapes and the use of aura. It is very elegant! Our focal point was Triplex by Natalia Orlova, CZT. This is a fun pattern that can be enhanced in many ways to give it a new look every time. We added a few more Mooka, Printemps and Florz (which I mistakenly called Fluke yesterday … sorry guys, got my “Fl” mixed up. Credit to Sharon for questioning me when I did that!

We added our shading, some white chalk shading and a little white gel pen embellishments. It was a fun tile to create and allowed everyone to sort of go out on their own to add “extras”.

Upcoming classes are Sunday, September 11th and Sunday, October 9th. Both classes will be held at Icarus Creative Arts Studio from 1:00pm-3:00pm. I am taking reservations for the classes so let me know if you’d like your chair saved! The themes for these classes are still to be determined, but we will be getting into the Fall season so watch for something geared towards that!

Artist – Judy
Artist – Sharon
Artists – Jess & Catherine

“Hidden Critters” …

With much thanks to Susan Moen, CZT of The Crystal Cave, I recently taught a “Hidden Critters” class originated by Susan. I took this class earlier in the year and thought it was so much fun. When I was returning to teaching after the 2-year covid hiatus, I really wanted to share something super fun with my first class back. I asked Susan for permission to teach this and she graciously said yes.

As you can see from the results, it was a fun tile to create. In our June class, I shared my favorite botanical tangles, so we were able to incorporate much of that class with the “hidden” critters and added methods applied by Susan to make the varmints disappear!

The next class is scheduled for Sunday, August 14th from 1-3pm at Icarus. This class will feature new patterns and more of a true Zentangle tile, instead of a ZIA as we’ve done the last couple months. The class is filling up so reserve your space now. Send me an email and I’ll save you a chair!

Can you find a butterfly, bird, snake and bee?

Botanical Tangling ..

This month’s Zentangle Class at Icarus Creative Arts Studio had us tangling beautiful botanical tiles. I shared that these are the kind of tiles I like to create when I know I want to tangle, but I’m just not sure what patterns I want to use. I find just using about five basic patterns can create a beautiful tile through repetition, embellishment and placement of the patterns. We had just a short amount of time left to start coloring with watercolors so the project will be finished at home!

Next Up: Two upcoming dates have been confirmed at Icarus. We will meet July 10th and then again on August 14th. Neither class subject has been determined yet, as the consensus was they like being surprised, but I can assure you it will be exciting and fun. Seats are limited so register early. You can reach me at tanglesbythesea@gmail.com.

Judy J., CZT
Teri M.
Cheri C.
Sharon S.
Linda C.

I think they all turned out beautiful and quite different, as usual with Zentangle! Come join us next month!

Little Blue House ….

I recently attended (virtually), a seminar created for Certified Zentangle Teachers called TangleU 2022. During that seminar, other CZT’s share classes that others can then share with their classes. When I saw that Margaret Bremner, CZT (Canada) was one of the instructors, I knew I had to sign up. I’ve always loved her whimsical Zentangle art, especially her “wonky houses”. At TangleU, she was teaching “Dream Houses”.

I finally returned to teaching in person in May, at Icarus Arts Studio on the grounds of the Bernardo Winery in San Diego. It was so nice to get our all my stuff together and see everyone again. It was two years since my last class there. Because I wanted the class to be special, I chose to teach Margaret’s “Dream House”, but I changed the name to “Little Blue House” to give it my own touch. It was so much fun to color the tiles in class, then draw our houses. Everyone did a great job and thoroughly enjoyed the two hours!

Next up – June 12th at Icarus, 1:00-3:00pm, using botanical patterns to welcome the summer season! Sign up now as seating is limited. Contact me directly at tanglesbythesea@gmail.com to save your place!

“Little Blue Houses”
“Little Blue Houses”
NEXT UP – Botanical Class, June 12th, 2022, Icarus Creative Arts Studio

Back in Class – little blue house…

I am returning to teach a Zentangle Class at Icarus Creative Arts Studio on May 22 from 1-3:00pm! It’s been over two years since my last class there. I’m excited to offer something new, with a little color, and several new patterns. This class is inspired by the Zentangle art of Margaret Bremner, CZT of British Columbia, Canada. You can view her beautiful drawings/art pieces on her blog “Enthusiastic Artist”. Since it’s my first class back, I’m keeping the exact description of the project “a little mysterious” for now.

There are a couple seats open as of today. If you’d like to attend, email me at tanglesbythesea@gmail.com ASAP. The cost is $40.00, which includes all supplies needed for the class.

Check back next week for the beautiful mosaic of our work!

New Class … In Person! …

I have scheduled a class for Sunday, May 22, 2022 at Icarus Creative Arts Studio, on the grounds of the Bernardo Winery. It’s been two years since we last met at Icarus! While the theme of the class hasn’t been finalized, I can assure you it will be a fun one for welcoming everyone back. I’ll post class details once they are determined!

Hidden Animals …

Great class by Susan Moen, CZT – “Hidden Critters”. We all must remember ”Highlights” magazine when we were kids and the ”hidden pictures page”. This was Susan’s inspiration for the class! Creating this tile was alot of fun, and the concept became an obsession … here’s my version on an Opus tile (10”x10”). Go to her website and look for all the classes she offers using this idea. So much fun.

Happy New Year …

My word for this year!
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