“Four Corners” ….

June’s class at Icarus Creative Arts focused on “Four Corners”.  Each tangler had four tiles with the inner corners broken into five “rings”.  We had a list of fifteen patterns to be inserted into these rings.  I assigned each pattern a number and drew numbers from a basket.  The number pulled was the pattern we drew at that moment.  The only pattern that was drawn more than once was Fassett for the inner circle on each tile.  (I made an error in counting how many patterns I had selected, so we used Fassett once more in a stripe!)  There was no set stripe to insert a pattern, aside from the center.  We did complete one tile at a time.  It was fun at the end of class to see just how they all turned out. Pretty awesome I think!

This was a very fun class, but very demanding of time.  We had to keep our pace moving, with little time to spare.  We did manage to complete the tiles in 2 hours and 10 minutes!  Just 10 minutes over!  

We had a guest observing the class and after we completed one tile, she decided she would give it a try.  I gave her some supplies and she joined in.  She did a great job and has already signed up for next month’s class!

Next up … July 21st – “Cartouches”!  
Another Sunday of something new and fun!

“Just Patterns” ….

This month’s class at Icarus Creative Arts Studio was all about learning new patterns.  Sometimes it’s good to just spend time learning new patterns to add to our libraries and future tiles.  I had so many ideas for what patterns to teach, I finally had to just pick some and go from there!  Remember, when looking for new patterns to learn, with their step-outs, tanglepatterns.com  is a great resource.  You’ll find so many patterns you won’t know where to start!  Of course, the internet is a valuable tool for finding new patterns, as well, but Tangle Patterns has so much good information I would suggest looking there first.

The patterns learned this class:  Rainking by Leona Shih, Oof by Zentangle, Sprigerz by Brenda Campbell, Hurry by Zentangle, Purrlyz by Hanny Waldburger, Zenith by Zentangle and DooDah by Zentangle.  After spending time learning the steps to create these, the class opted to complete a tile before the end of class, rather than learn a few more patterns.  You can see below, the patterns selected for the tile were Rainking, Sprigerz, Purrlyz, and DooDah.  Everyone managed to get most of their tile completed.  This was a lot of work for a two hour class, but everyone picked up on the patterns pretty quickly so we had just enough time to get that tile “almost done”.  

This was a very fun class.  I’ll do this again in a few months.  Not only is this a good one for the tanglers, it’s good for the “teacher”, too, as it forces me to reach out and learn new patterns that I might not try!  Here’s the beautiful work created by Judi, Judy, Avril, Sally and Liz.

Next up:  “Four Corners”, Sunday, June 9th, 1-3:00pm at Icarus Creative Arts Studio

A Zentangle Cartouche …

Every few months, Zentangle comes out with a “Project Pack” that introduces new ways to use the Zentangle Art Method.  This month, Project Pack 05 came out, and features “Zentangle Cartouches”!  Cartouche – def. Merriam-Webster … an ornate or ornamental frame.  The idea is to use a treasured keepsake, photo, etc. and draw a frame/cartouche around the item. Some examples shared were mounted coins, antique jewelry, and even a piece of a beloved broken teacup! 

I love this technique. It forced me to look at old photos I had stashed quite some time ago, then it gave me the opportunity to use these photographs in a way that I can display and share them.  I initially started by using the paper stock that came in the Project Pack, but now I’ve got a journal that I’m going to mount photos in and draw cartouches around them …. kind of a “tangled scrapbook” idea.  This will keep all the pictures in one place.  (Note – instead of using the original photographs, I scanned them into my computer and then printed them out on photo paper.  I have siblings who might want these photos one day so I didn’t want to destroy the original copies.)  Now I need to look for small keepsakes, like my Mom’s track & field medals, and create a beautiful cartouche using those …. endless possibilities.

This will definitely be an upcoming class.  I’m eager to share this beautiful technique with others!  

My Mom and Dad – teenage sweeties!

Baby Hobie – love this photo!

Couldn’t resist another Baby Hobie cartouche!

Yours truly – many moons ago!

My Mom, Aunt and a few friends!

Intro to Zentangle …. Finally!

This weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting Liz and Sally.  They are cousins who came to my “Pacific Beach Classroom” to learn the Zentangle Art Method.  We had tried and tried to find dates that worked for the three of us over the last few months, and it finally happened. It was great to finally put a face to the emails!

Liz had already taken a look at Zentangle on the internet and had created a greeting card using a few tangles – two of which I was teaching them during this session.  Sally was excited and eager to learn about this whole process.  We tangled the basic “First Tile” using the letter “Z” as our string.  We filled the tile with Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Bales and Printemps.  Our second tile consisted of six more patterns to add to those four.  Seems like a lot to accomplish in two hours – we actually went 1/2 hour over as we also had to do some visiting in between, but the results were worth it.

All the tiles turned out awesome.  As always, I pointed out that even though we all used the same instructions and same patterns, look how different the tiles turned out.  It was a really nice way to kick-off my Easter weekend sharing my passion for Zentangle with Liz and Sally.  When they left ….. they signed up for my next class at the Bernardo Winery on May 19th!  I’m excited to keep their Zentangle journey’s moving forward, and for them to meet the other tanglers that are a part of the Sunday classes at Icarus.  Thank you Liz and Sally … see you in May!

Zen Buttons ….

My Sunday afternoon class at the Bernardo Winery saw five of us trying our hands at Zen Buttons – a technique started by Marguerite Samama, CZT.  This is a fun way to create your own “string”, and include squares, circles and triangles.  This technique is also a good way to implement “fragments” of patterns.  (See – “A Zentangle Collection of Reticula & Fragments)

For this class, we used an original Zendala for one of our buttons and then a Strathmore Toned Blue mixed media tile for our other.  Zen Buttons use a white chalk pencil for a special effect and it works nicely on the toned paper.  It’s takes a little more work for the highlight to show through on the white tiles.

Attempting two tiles in two hours, which included drawing out one of our strings and using a funky little “compass”, took a little more time than thought.  We almost finished our second tiles, which I had already drawn to save time, but they still needed the shading and white highlighting.

I found that planning ahead for this class took a little more time.  I felt that once you got your circles, squares and triangles down on the tile and start with a pattern in the middle, you should just let the next pattern come to you – rather than force another planned pattern.  The ladies did a great job, had a few oops, but the work turned out lovely.  Everyone still wonders at how we can all get the same directions, but the work turn out so different.

Next up – “Just Patterns”
Learn four to six new patterns
then incorporate into a take-home tile
Sunday, May 19th, 1-3pm, Icarus Creative Arts Studio


Dingsplatz …

Imagine this – you take a handful of tangles, throw them up in the air and let them land.  What do you get …. “Dingsplatz”!  That’s one of Zentangle’s newest concepts that I shared with Judy and Juli last week.  I offered two new patterns to them – Pixiozes by Margaret Bremner and Belle by Sarah Harrison, and we were ready to proceed. 

Dingsplatz can be drawn on a round or square tile, so we used one of each.  Judy elected to use a blue pen, then shade with a blue pencil for her square tile.  Turned out very nice.  I’ve seen this technique used by others, but never tried it before.  She was up for giving it a go!  We did a little shading with our graphite, then added a few highlights with a white charcoal pencil.  All in all, a nice evening with some fun tangling.

Tropical Gardens ….

It was March 17th and the temperature was 80 degrees at the Bernardo Winery.  There couldn’t have been a more beautiful, “almost Spring”, day to tangle a tropical garden.  Inspired by the work of Cheryl Moote, CZT, six of us learned five new patterns and then created beautiful, colorful gardens using “Monster Leaves, Reticulated, Dragonair, Chainlea, Aura-Leaf and other floral-type patterns.  

Once the drawing was complete, everyone used their favorite watercolor pencils and Tombow blending pen to add some life to the drawings.  We used paper that was 4.5″ wide by 12″ long.  Once all was complete, we folded our pieces into three sections so they could stand on their own for display.  So much fun, and such beautiful work.

Constance (aka Connie), a Black Lab Canine Companion for Independence in Training, came with her trainer, Teri, to see what was going on, then decided she would just rest for the next two hours.  Teri and Linda train CCI dogs and often bring one to class. Just the presence of these dogs and what they’re all about adds to the “zenful” atmosphere of the Icarus studio.

My new class schedule has just been released for April, May and June.  Upcoming on April 14th, “Zen Buttons”, and followed by “Just Patterns (Purely Zentangle)” on May 19th.  Then, we’ll start up the summer on June 9th with “Four Corners”.  All classes are held on Sunday afternoons from 1pm-3pm.  Hope one of these classes sounds fun to you.  The Bernardo Winery is a beautiful location with a wine tasting room, coffee roasters, sit-down restaurant receiving great reviews, and plenty of shops to wander about.  Lots of free parking is available too. On Sunday afternoons, there’s live music on the tasting room patio.  Come out and join the fun!

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