Challenge #341 … “Go Big”

This week, we’ve been challenged to go big. I took this and went with an Apprentice tile filled with large striping. (Hmmmm … wonder what got me thinking of striping! 🤓). I don’t use this pattern much, but after this tile (and a little Project Pack 1 watching), it will become a part of my library.




Challenge #338…”White on Black” & “Class Notes”

Zentangle HQ recently sent out a newsletter introducing the new Sakura Gelly Roll pens in sizes 05 and 10, to go along with their 08’s.  Well, having a bit of a pen addiction, like so many of us, for anything new, I jumped at the chance to get these into my hands!  The 08’s have always been kind of “draggy” on the paper and take a bit of practice getting used to them.  The new 10’s are AWESOME!  Not only do they just glide across the paper, they leave such beautiful thick white ink.  The 05’s seemed a bit “thin” to me, but think that will take a little getting used to.  Going from the 10 to the 05 was a big difference.  All in all, a good purchase on my end!

To that end, this week’s Diva Challenge was to use white pens on black.  My tile was drawn using only the 10 Gelly Roll and a little white chalk pencil to shade.

Diva Challenge #338 – White on Black

This past weekend, I taught a class at Icarus Creative Arts Studio.  The topic was the new “Embedded Letters”.  I’ve decided that embedded means two things to me – hidden in my work or included as a part of my work!  Sometimes it’s not so easy to get those letters disguised!  My Diva tile actually started with a letter and I think I got it hidden in there OK this time!  Either way, they add fun and personalization to the tiles.

As part of the class supplies this week, I gave each student one of the new Gelly Roll 10’s – fun to share something “hot off the press”.  My mistake, though, was having them use these pens to create an embedded letter on a Bijou tile.  What was I thinking?  The thickness of the lines take up a little too much space.  We did a couple letters of their choice on Bijous, then created our own initial on the standard 3.5×3.5. (couple are incomplete)

The ladies did a great job considering my Gelly Roll/Bijou blunder but, at best, they got to see how nice these new pens glide across the tiles.  We all agreed that with the Holiday Season approaching, this technique will be fun to incorporate on gift tags, holiday letters, envelopes, etc.






Going Big … “Opus”

This past weekend, four of us met and created Opus tiles at the Icarus Creative Art Studio.    When the ladies opened their envelopes and saw the size of the tile, they were a bit intimidated by the 10×10 paper.  I assured them it wouldn’t be any different than the usual 3.5×3.5, we just had more space to cover!  As soon as we applied our four dots, border and string, things got a little easier.  In fact, by the end of the class, everyone agreed that they really liked this size.  They felt a little less inhibited as they had more space to work with.  I also pointed out the front side of the Opus tiles and mentioned that many people have tangled on this side so they could incorporate the beautifully embellished phrases/design into their piece.  I encouraged them to give it a try next time …. just like I need to!

As to be expected, I knew we wouldn’t complete our tiles in the two hour class, but we got pretty far.  I used the first 1/2 hour of class to teach a few new patterns so this even gave us less time to finish.  At classes end, they still had some spaces to fill and shading to apply.  I’m hoping they will complete them in the next few weeks and bring them back the next time we meet to share.  Once again, this was another fun class, shared on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, on the grounds of the Bernardo Winery.

Next up …. Embedded Letters on October 22nd!

… FYI …
If you’re ever at the Winery, in addition to spending time in the Tasting Room,
be sure to visit the Icarus Creative Arts Studio & Gallery – a working studio and retail shop.  
Many of the items have been created by the owners themselves, or other local artists.
 It’s a must see with lots of cool items to see.

Challenge #332 … “String It: 2-Squared”

The Diva has returned from her “summer vacation” and offered up “String It – 2Squared” as the Challenge this week.  Doesn’t matter how you approach your tile, just some way incorporate a box in a box, square in a square, however you want to put it, using two squares as your string.

I chose a Bijou tile as my small box.  On this tile, I tangled a fragment of Rosemary Turpin’s pattern “Sunspots”.  I then shaded with my grey markers and added a little Tombow yellow to pull out the “sun”.  After affixing my mini tile to the 3.5×3.5, I added Hollibaugh to the background with some deep shading.  In the end, I really like the simplicity of the background with the “busy” Bijou.

Head over to the Diva’s website to see the other very creative tiles posted this week.

A “Seussical Garden” …

I had a great afternoon at the Icarus Creative Arts Studio, on the grounds of the Bernardo Winery, this past Sunday.  Six of us gathered to create “Dr. Seuss-inspired” gardens.

I presented a few new patterns to the group, then we proceeded to create our over-sized ZIA’s.  The class included Judy Jankauski, CZT, and her daughter and 7 yr. old grandson.  He was adorable!  He’s been learning Zentangle from “Nana”, and even presented drawing a tile as part of his school’s “Talent Show!”  He went up, drew his four dots, border lines, string and proceeded to tangle.  No speaking, just drawing!  How awesome is that.  I should have asked him to arrive a bit earlier and he could have presented his “talent” to the rest of us.  It was a real pleasure to have him in this class.  He was absorbed for the full two hours, and drew a very playful garden, complete with a garden gnome (all of his own creation!)

The highlight of this class was learning how to put different tangles together to create “objects” for the garden, such as Squid+Btl-joos makes an awesome tree!  Adding orbs, curlie-q’s, auras, stripes, darkened lines – all add to the “whimsical” appearance.  I put out colored pencils in the final 1/2 hour to add a bit of color.  Some didn’t quite finish their work, but are well on their way.  This was a very fun class and I’d highly recommend it as a class to share or a class to take!

Challenge #330 … Zentangle Plates

This week’s Guest Blogger is Jeanette Clawson. Her “story” is very fascinating – she suffered from daily migraine headaches and used Zentangle to help her escape her misery for small blocks of time.  Thankfully, she made great improvements and is now a Certified Zentangle Teacher and jumped at the chance to serve as a Guest Blogger while the “Diva” takes the summer off.

Jeanette has a fondness for mandalas and china plates, therefore she likes to create “tangled plates” on her tiles.

My current feelings about china …. I just finished packing up my 12-place settings of china, given to me when I got married, and have stowed them in my garage!  What do you do with this stuff after almost 40 years of marriage – would never pick the pattern I picked way back when and I have no interest in using it now.  I’m sure some of you are having this “problem” too!

Back to the Challenge!  Today I was getting together with my friend, and fellow CZT, Janet Masey, for a Monday morning tangle session.  We both had read the Diva Challenge before meeting up, and decided to give it a go as a co-op challenge.  We took four tiles, drew out our circles and then tangled two tiles each.  Our circles didn’t extend far enough to almost fill the tile, but in the limited time we had, it worked out just fine.  Consider this a dessert plate.

We had fun mixing up the tiles and creating different mosaics.  Check out Janet’s blog for more photos!

Really enjoyed this challenge and can’t wait to do another … maybe tonight! Thank you, Jeanette, for the inspiring story and creative Challenge!

All four tiles
Mine – Top Right, Lower Left
Janet – Top Left, Lower Right

My tiles

(PS – check out my latest blog posting on the “Dr. Seuss-inspired gardens” – love what the class created and enjoy sharing with others!)

Class Notes …..

My last two classes have been very interactive amongst the tanglers!

One of them featured “Co-op Tangling”.  We had six people in the class so we created a string on our tile with six spaces.  We proceeded to fill in one of the sections with a pattern of our choice, then passed the tile to the person next to us.  They then filled in a section with their pattern of choice and so on and so on, until the tile was full.

It was interesting to see the patterns that were chosen, and the different skill levels, all coming together to create a beautiful piece of Zentangle art!  The students were a little hesitant about sharing their work on another’s tile, but in the end, it turned out to be a very fun project  – we’re all at different levels in our Zentangle journey’s, but we all started from the same place!

The other class had Judy and Julie dividing their elongated, custom tiles into a string with several spaces.  I gave them a print-out of the patterns (just names) they’ve learned in the last year and had them pick out the patterns that we used to fill our spaces.  This was a lot of fun to see their work at the end of class.

Both classes showed that it doesn’t matter where you are in your practice of Zentangle, we can all create beautiful tiles
using this art method.  No mistakes … no erasers! 


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