“Steampunk Tangling” …

Five “brave” ladies ventured to Icarus Creative Arts Studio for a relaxing two hour Zentangle lesson on Sunday afternoon.  The past week (and currently) found us all in need of a small diversion from the worldly chaos.  The Winery was still open as of class time, as well as the small shops on the grounds.  Everything was scrubbed and scoured clean so we were all very comfortable with our surroundings.  Upon conclusion of our class, a media alert came through that instructed all wineries, bars, etc. to shut down!  It was good to patronize Icarus, as well as Manzanita Roasting Company, before potential closures were made.

This class featured steampunk tangling.  

Steampunk ….” is an art, fashion and culture movement inspired by the industrial revolution”.  

The patterns reflected gears, bolts, keys, pipes, screen, metal plate, etc.  This was a lot of fun but a bit more involved than our regular Zentangle practice.  Some thought had to go into the selection and placement of our patterns.  For this project, we did not use a string.  There are quite a few patterns to be found on the internet, as well as in Alice Herndon’s book, “Tangle All Around the World’.  For our tile, we used a “kraft” colored paper with a brown Sakura micron pen.  Unfortunately, the colors do not show in the pictures.  They are more vivid in real life!

NEXT UP … fingers crossed …
“Flower Collage”
April 5th from 1-3:00pm at Icarus
(Please check this site or with Icarus to be sure studio is open pending future health closures)


Just Patterns …

Yesterday’s class at Icarus Creative Arts Studio focused on new patterns.  Given the option to learn a few then tangle a tile, the class opted for learning all TWELVE new patterns!  While a little less structured class, it was good to just focus and learn the new strokes.  A few patterns needed a little more concentration than others, which at times was hard because of the live music playing on the Tasting Room patio … and it was good music!  I can attest to getting lost for a second and creating a “bronx cheer” moment!

Patterns learned fell into all three groups of grids, borders and organic.  Three of the patterns were Zentangle patterns, while the other nine were submissions by CZT’s to TanglePatterns.com.  One of the “submitters” was in the class, Suzanne Wilka, CZT, so I shared her pattern “Arckles” … a fun pattern with lots of opportunities.  It was another beautiful Sunday afternoon at the Bernardo Winery spent tangling with a wonderful group of ladies.

While we didn’t tangle tiles, I did prepare a few ahead of time so the class could see how these patterns worked together.

Up & Across, Hollis, Inaflux

 Nipa, Tropicana, Arckles                                       Papyrus, Tropicana, Arckles, Kettlebee

Patterns taught today:
Up & Across, Papyrus (Suzanne McNeill, CZT)
Quare (Beth Snoderly, CZT)
Arckles (Suzanne Wilka, CZT)
Tropicana (Kate Ahrens, CZT)
Kettlebee, Herzlbee (Beate Winkler, CZT)
Inaflux (Debbie New, CZT)
Abeko (Lynn Mead, CZT)
Nipa, Hollis, Ennies (Zentangle)

“Steampunk Tangling”
Sunday, March 15th, 1:00-3:00pm
Icarus Creative Arts Studio

Pre-Game Warm-up … Zentangle!

Super Bowl Sunday featured a long overdue “Introduction to Zentangle Class” at Icarus Creative Arts on a beautiful, sunny San Diego afternoon.  Six ladies joined in the festivities to start their Zentangle journeys.  After a little bit of history about Zentangle, sharing a few samples of where Zentangle can take you, we started off with the “first tile” … Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Printemps and Bales.

The second tile featured a “box in a box in a box” string and included the patterns Fassett, Flux and Marasu (uncoiled).  For a little flair, we added a highlight around the outside Marasu frame with a while charcoal pencil.  All the tiles were beautiful, and just their second!  I always find it interesting how different they can be – heavy handed, lighter handed, sizes of the patterns, etc.  This is what makes Zentangle so great – no rules, just beautiful outcomes.

Once completed, the class mosaics were made and everyone could see how different the tiles were, yet all created under the same directions.We completed two tiles and were done at 3:00 … right on time to head out to enjoy the rest of the “Super” day!  Thank you to Debra, Kristin, Whitney, Mary, Julie and Kathleen for taking their first Zentangle class with me – was great to meet you all!

1st time tanglers – Debra, Kristin, Whitney, Julie & Kathleen
(Mary left for her Super Bowl party before photos were taken)

Next Up:
“Just Patterns”
(add more patterns to your tangle library)
Sunday, February 16th, Icarus Creative Arts Studio
1:00pm – 3:00pm

Renaissance Tangling …

Classes have started back up at Icarus Creative Arts Studio for 2020! The first one of the year was “Renaissance Tangling” inspired by “Madame Renaissance”, an e-book created by Stefanie van Leeuwen, CZT.  Her passion for the “Zentangle Renaissance” style found her craving more direction in shading, highlighting, etc.  In not finding too much out there, she created her own!  Her style of teaching in the e-book is very good and I would recommend the purchase to anyone interested in the tan tiles with an emphasis on shading and highlighting.

Two patterns included in Stefanie’s book were taught in the class – A-dalpha by Bunny Wright, CZT and Fragment Renaissance by Stefanie herself.  These are two fun tangles with lots of possibilities.  Also included in our tile was Knightsbridge, Flux, and Marasu.  In true Renaissance “Zentangle style” fashion, we alternated between black microns, brown microns, filled Knightsbridge with black Identipens for time-saving, and then shaded and highlighted with graphite and white chalk pencils.  Showcasing heavier shading and the white highlights really changed up the Zendalas from nice to “wow”.

Everyone did a great job.  In fact, this is the first time I’ve looked at a class mosaic where they all look so similar – not as much difference as normally found in everyone’s interpretations.  Great work!  I really enjoyed this.  It’s re-inspired me to bring out more of my Renaissance tiles and use them.

Next Up:  Introduction to Zentangle Class – Sign up now…class filling up.
Sunday, February 2nd from 1:00-3:00pm
Icarus Creative Arts Studio
Don’t worry about missing the Super Bowl!
Class starts right at 1pm and ends at 3pm.
Game kicks-off at approx. 3:20pm!


February 2nd Intro Class FYI! …

Just in case you’re on-the-fence about signing up for the Introduction to Zentangle class on Sunday, February 2nd, and missing the Super Bowl – DON”T WORRY!  Class goes from exactly 1:00pm and will end at exactly 3:00pm this date.  The broadcast of the game starts at 3pm, but kick-off isn’t until 3:30pm.  You’ll have plenty of time to get home for the game!  And, of course, if you don’t care about the Super Bowl, well no worries.  You’ll have time to  explore Icarus Creative Arts and see the great things they have to sell from so many creative artists.  You can also enjoy a glass of wine in the tasting room of the Winery and explore the others shops on-site.  It’s probably the perfect day to visit the Bernardo Winery as everyone else will be home watching football!

Hope to see you at the class.  Remember, too, once you’ve taken this Intro Class, you’re ready to take any Zentangle class offered around the world from a Certified Zentangle Teacher …. as well as the classes I offer at Icarus once a month!  Happy New Year!


Class Schedule 2020 …..

New classes have been scheduled for January, February and March of 2020 at Icarus Creative Arts Studio.  The new calendar will be distributed by Icarus in the next few weeks, but here’s a quick preview of what I’ve planned for Zentangle …

January 12th, “Renaissance Tile Tangling” – we will concentrate on using black, brown and white pens, along with extensive shading.

February 2nd, “Introduction to Zentangle” – the starting place for anyone interested in learning about Zentangle and what it has to offer.  After this class, you’re ready for any Zentangle classes offered throughout the World!!

February 16th, “Just Patterns” – time to add to your Zentangle pattern library.  We’ll learn new patterns and then create a tile or two using the new patterns.

March 15th, “Steampunk Tangling” – using new patterns resembling clocks, gears, keys, etc., we’ll create unique tiles with a sort of “grunge” look.  This will be something fun and different!


As always, reservations are required up front as class size is limited.  All classes are $40.00, which includes your class fee and all supplies that you will take home with you.  If you have any questions, let me know.  I hope to see you in the New Year!

Icarus Creative Arts Studio is located on the grounds of the Bernardo Winery in Rancho Bernardo.  This is a fun place to visit with a wine tasting room, several shops, a restaurant and coffee roaster/coffee shop for your enjoyment.  Sunday afternoons also feature live music on the Tasting Room patio.

Happy Holidays!
See you in 2020!


Autumn Leaves …

Had some fun the other evening with Judy and Juli creating autumn leaves.  We tangled on renaissance tiles using Sakura Micron pens in burgundy, and accented our work with white chalk pencils, bronze gelly roll pens, and Sakura stardust clear pens for sparkle.  Patterns used were shattuck, printemps, echoes, knightsbridge, crescent moon, zander, poke root, onamato, leeks and tipple – a lot of patterns on one maple leaf!  When the leaves were complete, we used the stardust clear sparkle pens and added printemps to the entire background.  It doesn’t show up too well in the photo but it is a nice touch.  This created a beautiful, “quiet” finish to the autumn designs.

Fabric Tangling …

Six of us did a little “fabric tangling” this past weekend at Icarus Creative Arts Studio.  This was the first class I presented at the studio that involved tangling on fabric and it was different!  After practicing on a few different fabric mediums leading up to the class, using different pens, and modge/podge, no modge/podge … I finally settled on no mode/podge and the Pentel Fabric Pens.  Tangling was done on the Zentangle “pen/tile wallets”.

One side of the wallet was drawn “free form”, while the other side was created using a string.  The patterns that were used have been used many times throughout this year so everyone was familiar with them.  If they wanted, they could add a little color using the Fabrico dual brush pens at the end.

Our very first pattern was Mooka – as soon as Suzanne heard that she asked if they could do their own pattern choices, to which I replied of course.  I always encourage everyone to take the patterns and go for it, add your own style.  Turns out the moment she heard the word “Mooka”, she was going somewhere else!  We all have our favorite patterns, or what Zentangle calls “mac ‘n’ cheese” tangles.  Guess Mooka isn’t Suzanne’s mac ‘n ‘cheese!  I also took turns having each person select the pattern they wanted the group to draw next.  That gave everyone a chance to use something they like to draw.

As you can see from the photos below, they are all so different – again the magic of Zentangle – everyone doing the same patterns, but turning out so differently.

Remember, there are no classes scheduled for December. My classes for the New Year are being created now and will be posted here on the blog, as well as in the newsletter coming from Icarus Creative Arts Studio.  Stay tuned.

In the meantime …. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  I’m so appreciative of the people who follow my classes each month, whether at Icarus or in Pacific Beach.  I love sharing Zentangle with you all!



IN 2020!


More Tangled Wreaths ….

Last week, Judy and Juli came to their monthly Zentangle meeting.  Since “Autumn Wreaths” were fresh and still in season, we completed a Mary Rose Feldman inspired wreath complete with color.  These are so much fun to create – will be great for all the different seasons, just vary your patterns and colors.  (Our media was actually an off-white, but shows up here as pink!)

Tangled Fall Wreaths …

Mary Rose Feldman‘s ebook, “Tangled Wreath”, was the inspiration for the class at Icarus Creative Arts Studio this past weekend.  After reaching out to Mary Rose and gaining her approval to teach a “Tangled Wreath” class here in San Diego, six ladies gathered for some Fall-time tangling.  Two hours isn’t much time to draw all the patterns and then add color, but we did get most of that accomplished.  Everyone works at different paces so the basic outline of the wreath was presented, and a quick review of the patterns to be used.  Most everyone was familiar with the patterns, just a couple needed reviewing.

After getting our “Diva Dance…Rock n’ Roll” flowers down onto our tile, we added some greenery and then everyone went off on their own speed.  The pattern list was in order of drawing so that helped!  The final designs are beautiful.  And, once again, very different each and every one.  While we could have filled our wreaths in a little more, time didn’t allow us to do that.  Hopefully, there will be a second attempt at home and more time for filler patterns. All in all, it was enjoyed by everyone, and gave us ideas that could cover all four seasons …. Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer!  These would also be great on smaller tiles to give as gifts or create greeting cards.  Can’t wait to give a Christmas wreath a try!



Judy (not finished)





Next up:  November 17th – Pen/Tile Wallets (tangling on fabric)
and a few holiday surprises!
1-3pm, Icarus Creative Arts Studio
Limited seating available, so sign up early 



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