Folded & Curled Corners …

February’s class at Icarus featured the concept of “folded and curled corners”.

I pre-tinted Zendala tiles before the class, in order to save on drying time, for the folded corner idea. Two new patterns were introduced – “D’rua” by Damy Teng, CZT and “Frunky” by K.K. Kolb, CZT. Both are super fun to draw and looked great combined with Bales, Printemps, Tipple and Henna Drum. Graphite was used to “fill in” the flap, echoing the exposed underside of the tile.

We had enough time to create a “curled corner” on a regular white tile. This time we simply reversed the same patterns, changing sides. This one was done in simple black, white and graphite.

Up Next:

Sunday, March 19th, 1-3pm at Icarus
Sunday, April 16th, 1-3pm at Icarus

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