“The Potters Learn to Tangle” …

This past weekend saw eight newcomers to Zentangle take their first class. These ladies are all friends from ceramics classes at Mesa College. Before Covid, I also took these classes and met these wonderful people. I figured since they were all friends, and asked if they could bring a glass of wine to class (after all Icarus Art Studio is on the grounds of the Bernardo Winery), that I was in for a lively intro class.

True to the Zentangle Method, once class started and they began to draw, you could hear a pin drop. They were into it, and I think trying to figure out how to incorporate Zentangle into their pottery! It will be fun to follow-up and see if anyone gives it a try.

We completed two tiles in the two hour class and the mosaics are beautiful. Hopefully, we’ll gather again and continue their Zentangle journeys. Thanks to all of you for a very fun afternoon!

Next up … “New Patterns” on Sunday, January 22nd and “Mystery Project” on Sunday, February 19th. All classes held at Icarus Creative Arts Studio from 1-3:00pm. Sign up early as seating is limited. Email me at tanglesbythesea@gmail.com to reserve your spot.

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