June Class Is On ….

The class scheduled for June 14th will be held this month at Icarus Creative Arts Studio.  The Winery and shops are re-opening this week.  All protocols will be followed for the class setting – masks, social distancing, small class sizes.  Reserve your seat today!  And, if you created any “quarantine art”, feel free to bring it in to share with the group.  Looking forward to seeing everyone again!

“What-Itz”, June 14th, 1-3pm
Icarus Creative Arts Studio

Saturday Project …

I was supposed to attend Tangle U in Phoenix at the end of April.  Sadly, it was cancelled.  Tangle U is a gathering of Certified Zentangle Teachers from all over who meet to learn and share new ideas for our Zentangle  practices.  I last attended a couple years ago in Portland, Oregon, so I was really looking forward to this one as it was close to home.  It seems these are held more on the East Coast, then the West, so I was anxious to only have to travel an hour away!

Those of us who signed up received a “project” in the mail which I share below.  Created by Romi Marks of the Tangled Yogi, this took quite a bit of time …. which I seem to have a lot of lately!  This was how I spent my Saturday …..

“Desert Dreamcatcher”



… continue to stay well …



May Class ….

With many businesses still closed due to the pandemic, the May 17th class is “on hold” for now.  If things open up in the next week or so, I will be checking with Icarus to see how they are proceeding.  I will keep everyone informed as to when my Zentangle classes will start up again.  I’m anxious to get back to the monthly class as I’m missing my Zentangle friends.

With still so much free time, my stack of tiles continues to grow.  I did participate in Zentangle’s Project Pack #9 which was fun with lots of spring-like patterns and colored pens.  I also found a stack of pre-strung Zendala tiles that I’ve used up.  I have a box that I’ve stashed everything in and will call it my “quarantine box” – something to remember this weird time of our lives.

Hope you’ve all been busy and taking time for some tangling – again, we can share all our collections when we do get back together again.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, or need supplies or ideas of any kind, please contact me.  I’ve got lots to share here at my home!  Stay well friends!

Zentangle – Project Pack #09


I’ve Been Busy …..

Thank goodness I have Zentangle ….

I don’t know what I’d have done these last several weeks being confined to home.  All my “art stuff” has been organized, weeded out, put together …. and my house has never been cleaner or more organized!  And that was all accomplished after the 1st week!  I’ve been revisiting Project Packs and viewing other CZT’s and their videos to get some new ideas and reviewing the tangle patterns website.  As a result, I have a very nice collection of tiles!  Here’s a sampling ….


I’ve gone from Bijou tiles to Opus tiles and lots in between.  I’ve used all colors of pens, jelly roll pens and chalk pencils.  I’ve used white, black, grey and renaissance tiles.  It’s been a great re-discovery of many patterns I haven’t used in a while.  But, most importantly, it’s kept my mind calm and occupied when it could be consumed with lots of negativity.

My husband and I lost a good friend this week to the Coronavirus …. she worked for us for 40 years.  In just one week she was gone.  Stay home and stay safe everyone.

For Lee


Class Cancellation & Update …

The “Flower Collage” class scheduled for April 5th at Icarus Creative Arts Studio is cancelled.  This class will be rescheduled at a later date.  For now, the May class is still on schedule, but updates will be given as we get into April.  

Hope you’re all staying safe and healthy.  This is a perfect time to take advantage of all the Zentangle classes you’ve taken. Get out your pens and paper and quiet your mind for a time while you tangle.  I know my tiles are stacking up (I’ve even brought out the big guys – OPUS), but it’s keeping me occupied during all this free time we are now faced with.  Do a search on-line for “Zentangle” and see all the different sites that pop-up.  Many of the teachers are posting videos on their blogs that you can follow along with.  Zentangle has posted videos from all their project packs.  Lots of material out there to keep you busy.

Stay well and tangle on!


“Steampunk Tangling” …

Five “brave” ladies ventured to Icarus Creative Arts Studio for a relaxing two hour Zentangle lesson on Sunday afternoon.  The past week (and currently) found us all in need of a small diversion from the worldly chaos.  The Winery was still open as of class time, as well as the small shops on the grounds.  Everything was scrubbed and scoured clean so we were all very comfortable with our surroundings.  Upon conclusion of our class, a media alert came through that instructed all wineries, bars, etc. to shut down!  It was good to patronize Icarus, as well as Manzanita Roasting Company, before potential closures were made.

This class featured steampunk tangling.  

Steampunk ….” is an art, fashion and culture movement inspired by the industrial revolution”.  

The patterns reflected gears, bolts, keys, pipes, screen, metal plate, etc.  This was a lot of fun but a bit more involved than our regular Zentangle practice.  Some thought had to go into the selection and placement of our patterns.  For this project, we did not use a string.  There are quite a few patterns to be found on the internet, as well as in Alice Herndon’s book, “Tangle All Around the World’.  For our tile, we used a “kraft” colored paper with a brown Sakura micron pen.  Unfortunately, the colors do not show in the pictures.  They are more vivid in real life!

NEXT UP … fingers crossed …
“Flower Collage”
April 5th from 1-3:00pm at Icarus
(Please check this site or with Icarus to be sure studio is open pending future health closures)


Just Patterns …

Yesterday’s class at Icarus Creative Arts Studio focused on new patterns.  Given the option to learn a few then tangle a tile, the class opted for learning all TWELVE new patterns!  While a little less structured class, it was good to just focus and learn the new strokes.  A few patterns needed a little more concentration than others, which at times was hard because of the live music playing on the Tasting Room patio … and it was good music!  I can attest to getting lost for a second and creating a “bronx cheer” moment!

Patterns learned fell into all three groups of grids, borders and organic.  Three of the patterns were Zentangle patterns, while the other nine were submissions by CZT’s to TanglePatterns.com.  One of the “submitters” was in the class, Suzanne Wilka, CZT, so I shared her pattern “Arckles” … a fun pattern with lots of opportunities.  It was another beautiful Sunday afternoon at the Bernardo Winery spent tangling with a wonderful group of ladies.

While we didn’t tangle tiles, I did prepare a few ahead of time so the class could see how these patterns worked together.

Up & Across, Hollis, Inaflux

 Nipa, Tropicana, Arckles                                       Papyrus, Tropicana, Arckles, Kettlebee

Patterns taught today:
Up & Across, Papyrus (Suzanne McNeill, CZT)
Quare (Beth Snoderly, CZT)
Arckles (Suzanne Wilka, CZT)
Tropicana (Kate Ahrens, CZT)
Kettlebee, Herzlbee (Beate Winkler, CZT)
Inaflux (Debbie New, CZT)
Abeko (Lynn Mead, CZT)
Nipa, Hollis, Ennies (Zentangle)

“Steampunk Tangling”
Sunday, March 15th, 1:00-3:00pm
Icarus Creative Arts Studio

Pre-Game Warm-up … Zentangle!

Super Bowl Sunday featured a long overdue “Introduction to Zentangle Class” at Icarus Creative Arts on a beautiful, sunny San Diego afternoon.  Six ladies joined in the festivities to start their Zentangle journeys.  After a little bit of history about Zentangle, sharing a few samples of where Zentangle can take you, we started off with the “first tile” … Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Printemps and Bales.

The second tile featured a “box in a box in a box” string and included the patterns Fassett, Flux and Marasu (uncoiled).  For a little flair, we added a highlight around the outside Marasu frame with a while charcoal pencil.  All the tiles were beautiful, and just their second!  I always find it interesting how different they can be – heavy handed, lighter handed, sizes of the patterns, etc.  This is what makes Zentangle so great – no rules, just beautiful outcomes.

Once completed, the class mosaics were made and everyone could see how different the tiles were, yet all created under the same directions.We completed two tiles and were done at 3:00 … right on time to head out to enjoy the rest of the “Super” day!  Thank you to Debra, Kristin, Whitney, Mary, Julie and Kathleen for taking their first Zentangle class with me – was great to meet you all!

1st time tanglers – Debra, Kristin, Whitney, Julie & Kathleen
(Mary left for her Super Bowl party before photos were taken)

Next Up:
“Just Patterns”
(add more patterns to your tangle library)
Sunday, February 16th, Icarus Creative Arts Studio
1:00pm – 3:00pm

Renaissance Tangling …

Classes have started back up at Icarus Creative Arts Studio for 2020! The first one of the year was “Renaissance Tangling” inspired by “Madame Renaissance”, an e-book created by Stefanie van Leeuwen, CZT.  Her passion for the “Zentangle Renaissance” style found her craving more direction in shading, highlighting, etc.  In not finding too much out there, she created her own!  Her style of teaching in the e-book is very good and I would recommend the purchase to anyone interested in the tan tiles with an emphasis on shading and highlighting.

Two patterns included in Stefanie’s book were taught in the class – A-dalpha by Bunny Wright, CZT and Fragment Renaissance by Stefanie herself.  These are two fun tangles with lots of possibilities.  Also included in our tile was Knightsbridge, Flux, and Marasu.  In true Renaissance “Zentangle style” fashion, we alternated between black microns, brown microns, filled Knightsbridge with black Identipens for time-saving, and then shaded and highlighted with graphite and white chalk pencils.  Showcasing heavier shading and the white highlights really changed up the Zendalas from nice to “wow”.

Everyone did a great job.  In fact, this is the first time I’ve looked at a class mosaic where they all look so similar – not as much difference as normally found in everyone’s interpretations.  Great work!  I really enjoyed this.  It’s re-inspired me to bring out more of my Renaissance tiles and use them.

Next Up:  Introduction to Zentangle Class – Sign up now…class filling up.
Sunday, February 2nd from 1:00-3:00pm
Icarus Creative Arts Studio
Don’t worry about missing the Super Bowl!
Class starts right at 1pm and ends at 3pm.
Game kicks-off at approx. 3:20pm!


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