Challenge #330 … Zentangle Plates

This week’s Guest Blogger is Jeanette Clawson. Her “story” is very fascinating – she suffered from daily migraine headaches and used Zentangle to help her escape her misery for small blocks of time.  Thankfully, she made great improvements and is now a Certified Zentangle Teacher and jumped at the chance to serve as a Guest Blogger while the “Diva” takes the summer off.

Jeanette has a fondness for mandalas and china plates, therefore she likes to create “tangled plates” on her tiles.

My current feelings about china …. I just finished packing up my 12-place settings of china, given to me when I got married, and have stowed them in my garage!  What do you do with this stuff after almost 40 years of marriage – would never pick the pattern I picked way back when and I have no interest in using it now.  I’m sure some of you are having this “problem” too!

Back to the Challenge!  Today I was getting together with my friend, and fellow CZT, Janet Masey, for a Monday morning tangle session.  We both had read the Diva Challenge before meeting up, and decided to give it a go as a co-op challenge.  We took four tiles, drew out our circles and then tangled two tiles each.  Our circles didn’t extend far enough to almost fill the tile, but in the limited time we had, it worked out just fine.  Consider this a dessert plate.

We had fun mixing up the tiles and creating different mosaics.  Check out Janet’s blog for more photos!

Really enjoyed this challenge and can’t wait to do another … maybe tonight! Thank you, Jeanette, for the inspiring story and creative Challenge!

All four tiles
Mine – Top Right, Lower Left
Janet – Top Left, Lower Right

My tiles

(PS – check out my latest blog posting on the “Dr. Seuss-inspired gardens” – love what the class created and enjoy sharing with others!)

Class Notes …..

My last two classes have been very interactive amongst the tanglers!

One of them featured “Co-op Tangling”.  We had six people in the class so we created a string on our tile with six spaces.  We proceeded to fill in one of the sections with a pattern of our choice, then passed the tile to the person next to us.  They then filled in a section with their pattern of choice and so on and so on, until the tile was full.

It was interesting to see the patterns that were chosen, and the different skill levels, all coming together to create a beautiful piece of Zentangle art!  The students were a little hesitant about sharing their work on another’s tile, but in the end, it turned out to be a very fun project  – we’re all at different levels in our Zentangle journey’s, but we all started from the same place!

The other class had Judy and Julie dividing their elongated, custom tiles into a string with several spaces.  I gave them a print-out of the patterns (just names) they’ve learned in the last year and had them pick out the patterns that we used to fill our spaces.  This was a lot of fun to see their work at the end of class.

Both classes showed that it doesn’t matter where you are in your practice of Zentangle, we can all create beautiful tiles
using this art method.  No mistakes … no erasers! 


Challenge #326 … ‘Nzepple

This week’s Diva Challenge is brought to us by Elisa Murphy, CZT, to use the pattern ‘Nzepple.  I’ve used Printemps along with ‘Nzepple on my tile.  I also added a couple “little friends” …. we’re having major issues with birds at our house by the beach so it seems that I’ve got birds on my brain.  Baby seagulls, night herons, crows, etc. have invaded the neighborhood! They’re all cute, but so messy.

Thanks Elisa for the Challenge!

Challenge #318 … Diptych

“Diptych … A diptych is two panels joined with a hinge – and the panels are mirrored …” copied from the Diva’s blog.

That is our challenge this week!  I posted one of these a couple months ago and hadn’t created one since so this was fun to do again!

Challenge #317 … Photo Tangles

This week’s Diva Challenge is to use a photograph or picture as your string …. put the photo down on your tile and then tangle around it.  Sounds like a fun idea.

I used a photograph of my niece’s dog, Skout, as my inspiration.  Just recently I taught a “Stacked & Tangled” class so I continued this theme on my Diva Tile.  I think it almost fits the challenge of last week’s “Stripes” which I didn’t have a chance to participate in so this will be a dual-entry this week!

The class was a real success with us creating two different tiles using different patterns.  Everyone agreed it’s a different and fun way to tangle without using the “traditional” string theory.


A Tropical Garden …

Last night I shared Cheryl Moote’s “Tropical Garden” ideas with Judy and Julie.  These two love everything that has color so our meetings are usually ZIA-based projects.  In order to finish in our two hour time frame, we created our gardens on 5×7 paper.  Once they were happy with their designs, we used Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils to add the color.  These definitely turned out really nice, and look how different the two are, even though we used the same basic patterns.

I’ve had a lot of fun playing with Cheryl’s ideas, as well.  I sure wish she lived somewhere close as I would love to have a class from her.  Guess I’ll just have to make it to a Tangle U and hope she’s one of the instructors!

I have another Tropical Garden class scheduled on June 11th at Icarus Creative Arts Studio at the Bernardo Winery.  Join me if you’d like to see how these pieces are made – it really is a lot of fun!


Challenge #315 … “Molygon”

This week’s Challenge is to use the pattern “Molygon”.  This tangle reminds me of bananas so I just had to create a fun little Bijou ZIA.  Hope you get a giggle out of it!

Happy Birthday to our “leader”, Laura Harms, CZT on her special day this week. Make a wish and have an awesome day!

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