New Patterns…

The class this past Sunday at Icarus shared a few new patterns and a couple old standbys! We used white Zendala tiles, black micron pens, white chalk pencils and white jelly roll pens to create a “focal” piece of Zentangle art. It was nice to be joined by the daughter/mother duo of Jess and Catherine, who were celebrating Catherine’s “birthday weekend”. Both had tangled before, but it was some time ago. While tangling yesterday, they both commented, “now I see why I really liked doing this”.

We started the tile with a border of Elegan by Tangle Dream (no name found, everything just said Tangle Dream as the creator of the pattern). This is one of the most beautiful patterns to draw. It incorporates the Zentangle™ pattern Mooka, some orbs, little flower shapes and the use of aura. It is very elegant! Our focal point was Triplex by Natalia Orlova, CZT. This is a fun pattern that can be enhanced in many ways to give it a new look every time. We added a few more Mooka, Printemps and Florz (which I mistakenly called Fluke yesterday … sorry guys, got my “Fl” mixed up. Credit to Sharon for questioning me when I did that!

We added our shading, some white chalk shading and a little white gel pen embellishments. It was a fun tile to create and allowed everyone to sort of go out on their own to add “extras”.

Upcoming classes are Sunday, September 11th and Sunday, October 9th. Both classes will be held at Icarus Creative Arts Studio from 1:00pm-3:00pm. I am taking reservations for the classes so let me know if you’d like your chair saved! The themes for these classes are still to be determined, but we will be getting into the Fall season so watch for something geared towards that!

Artist – Judy
Artist – Sharon
Artists – Jess & Catherine

One Comment on “New Patterns…

  1. That was a wonderful class! I love the new pattern incorporating Moocha. I think when I Zentangle it again I’m going to leave out the grid. I liked the other patterns without it. So much fun. I didn’t think you heard me question the fluke name.


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