Renaissance Shading…

Had a great class at Icarus this past weekend. Five ladies came to enjoy a Sunday afternoon of tangling – two of them for their first time. The focus of the class was shading using Renaissance tiles as they really show how much a little shading can change a whole tile.

Patterns used were Zentangle patterns Pangea/Mrth and a variation of Onamato, as well as Pouf and Barberpole by Suzanne McNeil. These four patterns were great shading patterns. Everyone did a great job, including Dee and Marnie, the first time tanglers, who look like seasoned tangling pros.

The top two tiles by first timers Marnie & Dee, middle row Linda and Judy, and bottom Cherie. I love them all!

Next up is our class at Icarus on Sunday, October 9th, from 1-3pm, where I will be introducing the new Zentangle “Translucen-Z” tiles – a nice vellum material with a beautiful see-through surface. We will be creating Autumn candle displays. If you’d like to attend, contact me directly to save your seat. ( Hope to see you there!

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