Challenge #299 … Draw-wings

The Diva has challenged us to use “Draw-Wings” – one of the four newly introduced Zentangle patterns – for the Challenge this week.   As usual, it took a few tries to “get” it.  I really, really like this pattern.

So does my husband!  He shapes surfboards and now wants to change his logo to something using this pattern.  You can get a really nice “wave-like” look depending on the angle you create the wings, so I need to get to work on that!

I chose a black 3Z tile, using a white Jelly Roll pen for my entry this week!


Old Friends, New Friends and a Basic Class …

Today was my first “Introduction to Zentangle” class for 2017 at the Icarus Creative Arts Studio.  With the start of a new year, many people are ready to find “something new” to try and today’s class was one of those.  I was  surprised with eleven ladies in the class, and even further surprised by a few in attendance.

One of my high school friends, Paula, and her friend Myra, drove all the way down from Redlands to take the class.  I appreciate the effort it took for them to come down for the class – and it was great to meet Myra.  Also in class, was someone I hadn’t seen in at least forty years – Cherie!  In fact, I think the last time we saw each other we were both very young ladies sporting nice tans and bikinis on the beaches of La Jolla Shores!!!  Then, in walked my favorite “Ibarra Mexican Chocolate” and coffee seller, Marcella, from the old Pannikin Store in La Jolla.  Think it’s been about ten years since I last saw Marcella.  I was so impressed with myself that I remembered Marcella, but Cherie had to give me a clue before I recognized her.  All in all, it was totally awesome to see these old friends and share Zentangle with them.

As if that wasn’t enough, I met eight new ladies who came to see what Zentangle is all about.  What a nice group – a couple ladies who have tried Zentangle on their own, someone contemplating going to Providence to get certified (yeah!), an aunt and a niece spending the day together, and a few who wanted that “something new”.

We created our two basic tiles and had lots of discussion, with a few questions I hadn’t been asked before.  Was nice to be challenged by those as sometimes you take the basic patterns and tiles for granted until, like today, someone poses a question or two and had me thinking a little about my response.  Thanks, Sunny!

All of them created beautiful tiles that I’m sharing here.  It was very exciting to hear that they all enjoyed the class and, in fact, a couple went right out and signed up for the “New Products/New Patterns” class coming up on January 29th!

If you’re looking for “something new” in 2017, give Zentangle a try.  I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed – anyone can do it – “one stroke at a time”!

img_1646Tile #1 by Paula, Myra, Nancy, Kathleen, Kelly, Kit,
Marcella, Cherie, Sunny & Emily

img_1648Tile #2 by Paula, Myra, Nancy, Kathleen, Kelly, Kit,
Marcella, Cherie, Sunny & Emily

img_1650Tiles #1 and #2 by Jeanne

Happy New Year …. 2017!


Next Intro Class
March 5th

This Sunday, January 8th is the first “Introduction to Zentangle” class of 2017 at Icarus Creative Arts Studio.  Come and see what this is all about and how you can use it in your everyday life.  You can grab yourself a glass of wine in the Bernardo Winery tasting room and bring it to class with you.  How cool is that!

For those of you already on this journey, Sunday, January 29th will introduce new Zentangle products, as well as new Zentangle patterns.  We’ll kick off the year with “somethings new”.

img_1590If you have any questions, before you decide to join me, please email me.  I can guarantee you will really enjoy this and it will be an afternoon well spent – no matter what class you take.  (FYI – I recommend taking the Intro Class before any further classes, as I want you to get the whole picture of what Zentangle is all about!)


“Holiday Tangling” ….

Seven of us spent a beautiful San Diego afternoon “Holiday Tangling” at Icarus Creative Arts Studio on the grounds of the Bernardo Winery a couple weeks ago.  Some enjoyed a nice glass of wine from the tasting room, and others enjoyed sugar cookies made by “yours truly”.

Class began with learning three holiday-ish patterns – Verdigogh, Stella and Crystal.  A list was also presented of other patterns that could work for any type of holiday creation.  We used Zendala tiles to create wreaths, using whichever patterns we wanted to select.  “Verdigogh” and “Stella” were popular but you’ll see a few “Crystals” in there as well.

Each person received green, red and clear jelly roll pens to add a little sparkle to their tile.  Think the concept worked out very well!  These same techniques, patterns, etc. can be applied to gift tags, greeting cards, etc. – whatever you can come up with.

My next class will be an “Introduction to Zentangle” where you can begin your Zentangle Journey and enjoy all the other classes that are planned for the next three months at Icarus.  Hope to see you at one of them!

img_1607 img_1603 img_1600img_1605

2017 Class Schedule is Up…

dsc_0117My class schedule for the first three months of 2017 is now posted.  Check out the Class Descriptions or Quick Glance Schedule for a listing of what’s coming up in the New Year!

I’ve had a good year sharing Zentangle with some awesome people.  It’s exciting to see someone get excited in their very first class and then continue on with their journey!  I love sharing my passion for Zentangle and look forward to doing more – hope to see you join me sometime in the next year.

Happy Holidays to All!

“Accent on Autumn”

Today, at Icarus Creative Arts, I had the opportunity to share Zentangle with six lovely ladies.  These ladies have been following my classes for quite some time now and I’m very appreciative of their time in allowing me to share Zentangle with them.

The class this afternoon focused on Autumn.  I gave them a choice of paper.  They then could chose their choice on pens – black or brown, or a mix of both.  I gave them each a Sycamore tree leaf to trace on to their selected medium and a selection of patterns that I felt worked well with this.

We divided our leaves into eight sections and filled them with various patterns – Flux, N’zepple, Printemps, Tipple, Poke Root, Mooka, Tagh, etc.  When done, some opted to add colored pencil, while others added a little Sakura Gelly Roll Stardust pen.  Each person received a black Zendala matte to frame their piece of Autumn.

Once again, we all used the same pattern, and look how different they all turned out.  Thanks again ladies – was a very nice afternoon spent at the Winery with you all!

img_1546Tess & Liliana

img_1547Judy & Judi


(unfinished beautiful work)

Challenge #291 … “Happy Halloween”

This week’s Diva Challenge was in honor of Halloween.  There are so many ways to tangle and involve patterns that fit for this holiday, but I chose just one (and a little Msst).  And it’s one of my favorites!

My tile features “Kunstler” created by Margaret Bremner.  I just love these crazy shapes, and like to see how different they can be made depending on the original lines.  Add a few eyeballs, and it looks like these guys are huddled up and waiting for what’s coming next!