Hidden Animals …

Great class by Susan Moen, CZT – “Hidden Critters”. We all must remember ”Highlights” magazine when we were kids and the ”hidden pictures page”. This was Susan’s inspiration for the class! Creating this tile was alot of fun, and the concept became an obsession … here’s my version on an Opus tile (10”x10”). Go to her website and look for all the classes she offers using this idea. So much fun.

Happy New Year …

My word for this year!

“Soulful Afternoon”…

This past weekend, I participated in the “Make Your Soul Happy” Retreat hosted by my sister-in-law/yogi, Camilla Sinclair at Foundation Yoga in Solana Beach, CA. I had a great time getting back into teaching Zentangle to twelve new tanglers! Actually only ten newbies as Camilla, and a past student who attended the Retreat, Cherie, have taken classes from me before! It was enjoyed by everyone and apparently chatter about Zentangle continued the next day in following yoga classes. I like that!

Prior to my portion of the Retreat, attendees were treated to a delicious lunch prepared by Ashley Gaston. She made a hearty and healthy vegetable broth with ramen noodles. She had a beautiful “greens” bar where we could choose our toppings of basil, mint, green onion, lime, tofu, jalapeños. So tasty and beautifully served. We then topped off lunch with yummy home made chocolates!

We finished two tiles in our two hour session – the basic Zentangle “Z” tile and then a nice seasonal “Vertigogh” tile. Then the ladies had another ninety minutes of restorative yoga to complete their day.

Thank you to Camilla for including me in her Retreat and allowing me to share my passion for Zentangle with new friends.

“Make Your Soul Happy” …


“CZT: AE2021 Autumn Edition” is a year-long course offering classes from CZT’s around the world. The classes are on-line and available for one year so you work at your own pace. This is made possible by Team Singapore CTZ’s. The classes are fun, as well as challenging. Thankfully, I have a year to get through them all!

Fall Leave class by Anjum Motwala, CZT (CZT: AE2021)

Lotus Class by Jennifer Cottrell, CZT (CZT: AE2021)

Tangled Cornucopia by Tangling at the Cave with Susan Moen, CZT

Happy Fall …..

Fall Tangling with watercolors
Took class with Susan Moen/Tangling at the Cave – “Cactus Tangling”

Tangling at the Cave – “Sea Creatures”

sharing tiles…

What’s New ….

In the last few weeks, I’ve taken a few classes by other CZT’s.

I’ve been enjoying the “sea life Zentangle and watercolor” classes offered by Samantha Taylor of Zenlapse. This was my version of the crab class. It’s fun to learn about the watercolors, but then trying to draw the tangles with the paint brushes presents a pretty good challenge. Still trying to learn how to use the brush and the colors. Lots to learn!

Crab class – Samantha Taylor – “Zenlapse”

I’ve always admired the Zentangle art of Margaret Bremner of Canada so I couldn’t pass the chance to take a virtual class from her last week featuring “Floral Tangling with Margaret”.

“Floral Tangling with Margaret” – Margaret Bremner – “Enthusiastic Artist”

I’ve always like the embedded letters taught by Rick and Maria, so when I saw the Tangled Lettering class being offered by Susan Moen (Florida) last week, I signed up. Different than the embedded letters as you use many tangled botanical patterns to fill the letters. She also taught us the Mackintosh style alphabet. It was a lot of fun and a bit contagious – can’t stop drawing letters!

“Tangled Lettering” – Susan Moen –
“The Virtual Crystal Cave”

Lastly, I decided to combine my watercoloring skills (very limited) with the tangled lettering botanical patterns and created a non-letter ZIA combining the two techniques.

Botanical tangles with watercolor finish

BouGht myself a present …

I was introduced to Zentangle®️ in 2013. I loved it immediately and knew I had to share this art form with others. So, in June 2014, I traveled to Providence, Rhode Island, took the teacher training seminar and became certified. (CZT 14 = Certified Zentangle Teacher-14th seminar)

These seminars are usually offered a couple times a year and fill-up quickly. Covid put a stop to in-person seminars in 2020, as well as shut down in-person classes throughout the world. Many CZT’s took to on-line teaching, but this CZT did not. I decided to become a student again!

As I’ve shared in previous posts, this past year I’ve taken classes from various teachers; usually classes that would expand my knowledge to add something new to my Zentangle journey. I recently received the announcement of the next on-line teaching seminar coming up (CZT37) and right then decided … I’m taking the course again! It’s been seven years since my certification in 2014, why not treat myself and take classes from “the Masters” themselves. So … I bought myself a present! 🤓

I’ve just completed four days, with over 425 people, from over 25 different countries, and drawn 25 pieces of art! That’s a lot of hours and hand work, but I loved every minute … even having to escape to a quiet destination as roofers installed a new roof on my home! Perfect timing!

Though the seminar was virtual and on East Coast time, it was awesome. It gave me a re-charge that’s been missing since my classes came to a quick halt last year. Now, I think it’s time to pull out the calendar and get ready to once again share the passion of Zentangle with others!

Continuing education …

The past year I’ve been taking Zentangle classes to broaden my “art knowledge”. One of the instructors I’ve been following is Samantha Taylor …. she has a great emphasis on marine life, which I really love. I took another fish class from her where I was introduced to watercolor. This is a medium I’ve never really played understood. We even tangled using the paint brush. Check out her Instagram account at “Zenlapse” for her classes and library of her own art. So much fun!

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