Diva Challenge #166 … “Use My Tangle”

The first Monday of each month, is a UMT Challenge (Use My Tangle), where the challenge is to learn and use a tangle created by one of the Challenge participants.  So far, this tangle is “unnamed”, but I’m sure by the time the week is over, it will have its official title.  The Use My Tangle this month was created by Laura Harms – The Diva herself!

I really agree with the name of these weekly “undertakings” – CHALLENGE.  This was another one for me.  Don’t know why it just never looked right.  I attempted to do a little shading, but …. gotta keep on practicing!  Head over to the Diva’s website and see how creative the other Tanglers were.  It’s exciting each week to see how everyone incorporates the different patterns on their tiles.



5 Comments on “Diva Challenge #166 … “Use My Tangle”

  1. Great job Susan, we never think our own looks good or interesting. Nice job. It reminds me of “steam heat”. Was that the name of that style?

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  2. Although simple in design, this tangle does present some challenges. I like it better if the lines are close together. Shading is always a challenge. On this one I tended to use the idea that the deeper I thought of the area, the darker the shading. I like the tinge of purple though.


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