Weekly Challenge #168 …. Rain

The Diva assigned us the pattern of “Rain” for this week’s challenge.  Never used it before, so looked it up and practiced a bit.  Kind of like it – sometimes these types of patterns are too “rigid” for me.  I like the more organic, curvier shapes.  I decided to try another pattern that I’ve never used before and add to this tile.  Here is my entry for this week using Rain, Phicops, Msst and Sand Swirl.

To see lots of creative pieces from others, head over to the Diva’s website for the other entries to Challenge #168.


10 Comments on “Weekly Challenge #168 …. Rain

  1. Your have put together a beautiful composition with these tangles. Do try making the line for Rain flow in circles or swirls and vary the shape of the diamonds and you might find yourself liking this tangle more than you thought 🙂


  2. Beautiful !!! The “rain” becomes the “rainbow” 🙂 It put a big smile on my face. Thank you


  3. Your tile is lovely! I used Msst on mine as well, but very differently from yours. Isn’t is fun to see all the ways people use the same things? Thanks for sharing.


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