Weekly Challenge #170 … “Bugles”

Challenge #170 features the pattern created by Joyce Evans called “Bugles”.  I decided to make myself a quick bookmark instead of using the regular tile.  This pattern took some practice … as do all of them, at least for me.  There are a lot of really cool submissions by others for this pattern.  Head over to the Diva’s website and take a peek.

Getting excited about my trip to Providence in two weeks for the CZT Seminar!  Can’t believe it’s been almost eight months since I registered and now the time is just around the corner.


6 Comments on “Weekly Challenge #170 … “Bugles”

  1. Wonderful drawing. Love your design. The little guy scooting around in the clear area is too cute. Nicely done. Have a riot in Providence. You’ll have such fun. Cheers


  2. Hi and what an interesting bookmark tangle. I see your bugles as dragonflies with a bee chasing them up into the grapes. This is a very nicely done bookmark and I love the artsy way you accomplished it. It looks great with all the cartoonish characters involved in it. Very good work.

    from Duane Anderson.


  3. Sprint is in the air 🙂
    So lively.
    I love the long and narrow composition, and the beautiful use of color


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