Challenge #204 … “Valentangle”

This week’s Diva Challenge fit right in with a class I led a couple weeks ago (see my last post).  I taught a Zentangle Basics class for a group of eleven ladies who gather each month or so to craft together.  One of them had taken my “Basics” class at Paper Tales last November and thought it would be fun to introduce to her group.  We had a great time – for three hours – tangling, eating and tangling!

I took them through the usual two tiles/eight patterns and then gave them a watercolor-washed tile in pinks/reds with an outlined heart.  They then proceeded to create a string within their hearts and use the patterns they learned earlier that day.  Lots of fun and they really got into by then.  One of them had brought card-making supplies so several took the opportunity to add their tile to the cards and create a beautiful Valentine.

I had a left over tile so did one myself.  Here it is using crescent moon, flux, hollibaugh, tipple and echoism.

Take a look at all the other Diva Challenge entries this week on the Diva’s website.  So many creative people!  Happy Valentine’s Day all ….


8 Comments on “Challenge #204 … “Valentangle”

  1. A delightful Tile, Susan. This is such a great string and pattern choices for a class to be introduced to the Zentangle® world with. Such fun.


  2. Nice hollibaugh! I like the way it sort of “wraps” around, defining the heart shape. And pink is one of my very favorite colors. …Oh…the pictures of your Aussie! great dog. 🙂 (just noticed, over in your side bar)


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