Challenge #208 … “Duotangle” – Cubine vs Pokeroot

This week the Diva challenged us to a “duotangle”!  Translation …. use two patterns and two patterns only to create your amazing tile for the week!  This time she asked us to use Cubine and Pokeroot.  I’m very experienced at using Pokeroot as it’s one of my favorites.  But, Cubine … that was another story.

How lucky was it that our San Diego Zentangle Group met last Monday for our “once-a-month” gathering.  We were lucky to have SIX CZT’s attending!  Yes, our group is growing.  We’ve even extended our meeting time from two hours to three.  Two hours just isn’t enough time to visit, share and create.  Suzanne Wilka gave a couple of us a quick ‘lesson’ on Cubine.  Now that I’ve done it, I think I like it.  I’ll definitely be adding it to future work!

DSC_0001Cubine and Pokeroot on a ATC Zentangle Tile


7 Comments on “Challenge #208 … “Duotangle” – Cubine vs Pokeroot

  1. Sounds like you have a wonderful group to meet with once a month! What fun! You are a fast learner… your “quick” lesson served you very well! Your cubine is great! I really like how you incorporated poke root.


  2. I remember Cubine was one of the first patterns I learned. At that time I loved tangling something that didn’t need so much “free hand” drawing because I thought I couldn’t do that… since then so much has happened and I started to forget Cubine 😉
    Now I love tangling some flowers and round patterns *grins*
    Your tile looks really nice and I love the color in it!


  3. I love the ATC approach…the idea of trading is very cool…does your group do them in the get together and then trade at the time or do you bring them to the meeting already done? Your cubine is very whimsical…I like it!


    • Lynell … No, I just used the ATC for my tile. That sounds like a fun idea though. Someone usually presents a “project” to the group and that’s what we work on. Thanks for your kind comments.


  4. The golden shading and light brown speckles on the green pokeroot is simply delightful.


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