New Friends …

One of the bonuses I’ve received from embarking on my Zentangle journey has been the new friends I have made.  Recently, I was contacted by a new CZT who was going to be in the La Jolla area for a few days and wondered if I’d be teaching any classes.  I wasn’t, but I thought it would still be fun to get together and share “our stories”.  So a lunch date was made … and I took the opportunity to invite other CZT’s from here in San Diego to join us.

Last Monday, Lauryn Eldon, CZT #18 from Massachusetts, met fellow CZT’s Suzanne Wilka (#4), Denise Knobloch (#8) and myself (#14) for a very enjoyable couple hours of lunch and Zentangle talk!  I realized that never in a million years would I have invited a “stranger” to have lunch with me … but knowing the Zentangle community through seminar and my local friends, I really looked forward to meeting Lauryn and sharing San Diego stories with her.

She shared a couple awesome books that she makes … two sizes for Zentangle … one for regular tiles and one for Bijous.  I couldn’t help but buy the beautiful green and purple book for my Bijous.  The other ladies couldn’t help themselves either!  Nice bonus for our lunch time visit – shopping while seated at our table.  It was a great afternoon spent with my Zentangle friends …

DSC_0001      DSC_0002

Leldon Designs
handcrafted creations – each one unique

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