Challenge #232 … Audio vs Betweed

Our guest Diva this week is Holly Atwater.  Holly has created Audio Zentangle Meditations and challenged us to use one of those or the pattern of Betweed, or both.  I opted to do both as Betweed is a pattern that gives me trouble.  It never seems to look right when I’m done with it.  Not to be left out, I also listened to Audio Zentangle #3.

Confession … I listened to #3 and did have a little trouble following.  Holly’s voice was very soothing and easy to listen to.  I just couldn’t grasp what I was supposed to do – I need visuals.  So, I did what I was told not to do – I cheated.  I took a peak at what the others had created and whoa … there was Meer.  I love Meer.  How couldn’t I not figure that out!  Oh well, as I said, I enjoyed listening to Holly’s voice and did listen to the other two Audios.

It’s been a fun summer with all the guest contributors.  Thanks to all of you who stepped in for Laura and took the time to do these.  This “tangler” appreciates all your efforts and time in putting these together!

Visit all the other entries on the Diva’s blog.


Right=Audio Zentangle Meditation #3


7 responses to “Challenge #232 … Audio vs Betweed

  1. Yorkshire Tortoise

    Lovely little starfish Betweed. I like the puffy look


  2. Well that Betweed looks pretty good to me. I struggled with the audio sessions too, but mainly because I wanted to rush. It was a good experience.


  3. Two beautiful, well-drawn tiles!


  4. Both of your tiles are absolutely gorgeous! I am so glad you gave the audio meditation a try… Thanks so much for participating in the duo challenge!


  5. I like both of these beautiful tiles.


  6. Christine Courtois

    wanting to draw Betweed I made a mistake but I discover with your tile as this can be pretty


  7. Nice job on the tiles. Audio 3 was the one that I did not do.


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