Challenge #236…”Tangle Unexpected”

Our challenge this week was to tangle on something we wouldn’t normally use.  It just so happened that last week I picked up this leaf from outside my office.  It just sort of struck me … “hmmm I’m going to tangle on this”.  I brought it home, but forgot about it for a couple days.  When I decided to use it, I found it had gotten pretty crispy so I sprayed it with some water and then ironed it flat!  With all the veins, it was kind of difficult to tangle on, patterns are a bit messy, but it really was fun to try something different.  Going to grab a few more and see how they turn out.  See all the other creative ideas on the Diva’s site.


21 Comments on “Challenge #236…”Tangle Unexpected”

  1. It’s lovely and there will be plenty of these about for the next few weeks. I particularly like the way you have used Flux up the veins of the leaves. nice work and great idea.


  2. Lovely! I love your black ink. The contrast is beautiful! I did leaves, too, but not nearly as striking!


  3. Lovely, tangled leaf!! I am so ready for fall!! I did a bunch of leaves last year, and now everyone saves them for me. I think I have way toooooo many now though! Beautiful work! :0) Annette


  4. What a wonderful idea, I would never have thought of ironing it first lol. It has come out really well, another for me to try and it will cost nothing.


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