Challenge #237 … “Charkat”

This weeks challenge has been created by one of our So Cal favorites, Charlotte Carpentier … Charkat!  We have a great group of CZT’s in the San Diego County/Temecula area and Charlotte is one them.  I’m always intrigued by her incredible knowledge of everything art … paper, pens, tools, you name it.  She now has her own store/studio in Temecula which is awesome.  Many of us have ventured up the Interstate to visit … can’t wait for a return trip.

In April, our local group hosted a one day “Day on the Bay” meet-up at Mission Bay Yacht Club.  Charlotte presented the 24 attendees this very same project.  She brought all the tools and tiles and demonstrated how to create beautiful pieces of work using stains and stencils.

While I knew I wanted to participate and support my fellow CZT 14 friend, I’m sad to say I don’t own any stencils, but I did have a mini spray bottle!  I collected a couple leaves from the yard then used some chai tea and coffee to make my string.  The fluids weren’t dark enough to do much damage, but the leaves did show quite nicely so I chose to fill them  in.  Not my best but I tried several times to color the tile and it just wasn’t working for me.  And, on second thought, I think I should have tangled around the stencils and maybe things would have shown up clearer.  Anyway, I did learn something from this challenge …. I need some real stencils!  Charlotte … any in the store? … a must purchase on my next visit to Charkat’s Creative Insanity!


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