Sunday Afternoon Classtime ….

This past Sunday, I taught a “Beyond Basics” class to a group of four wonderful ladies.  They all had attended a previous Intro Class and have taken a liking to the “Art of Zentangle”!  One of the ladies is obsessed with Paradox and showed me her notebook FULL of various Paradox tiles …. it was awesome.  I felt she could have taught the class that pattern better than I could!  I hope I’ll see them again in December …

I did a quick share of how to trace an item/clipart, such as an animal, create a string inside your chosen item, then fill in with your patterns.  It’s November, which means pumpkins, so we all traced a pumpkin.  Time ran out on the class so they took these home to finish.  This is my result … needed a little picture for a frame in my Fall display at home.  I used a “distressed ink pad”  in the white spaces to give it a little more color.  I tried my hand at scrapbooking many years ago, and always liked to do my pages with the distressed look, rough edges, and kind of the “dirty” look.  I like how my pumpkin turned out!



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