Challenge #291 … “Happy Halloween”

This week’s Diva Challenge was in honor of Halloween.  There are so many ways to tangle and involve patterns that fit for this holiday, but I chose just one (and a little Msst).  And it’s one of my favorites!

My tile features “Kunstler” created by Margaret Bremner.  I just love these crazy shapes, and like to see how different they can be made depending on the original lines.  Add a few eyeballs, and it looks like these guys are huddled up and waiting for what’s coming next!



10 Comments on “Challenge #291 … “Happy Halloween”

  1. Your tile is gorgeous. It is so much fun to look at it. I wouldn’t wonder if your little halloween creatures suddenly start dancing!


  2. I absolutely love these googley-eyed fellas!! Such personality!! They look ready to burst out in a vaudville tap dance routine! Ive been giggling, thinking about them! Thank you!


  3. I absolutely LOVE these googley-eyed fellas!! They are too cute! Like Hellosisa, I wouldn’t be surprised if they broke out in a vaudeville song and tap dance! … I’m still giggling when I think of them! Thank you! 🙂


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