“Holiday Tangling” ….

Seven of us spent a beautiful San Diego afternoon “Holiday Tangling” at Icarus Creative Arts Studio on the grounds of the Bernardo Winery a couple weeks ago.  Some enjoyed a nice glass of wine from the tasting room, and others enjoyed sugar cookies made by “yours truly”.

Class began with learning three holiday-ish patterns – Verdigogh, Stella and Crystal.  A list was also presented of other patterns that could work for any type of holiday creation.  We used Zendala tiles to create wreaths, using whichever patterns we wanted to select.  “Verdigogh” and “Stella” were popular but you’ll see a few “Crystals” in there as well.

Each person received green, red and clear jelly roll pens to add a little sparkle to their tile.  Think the concept worked out very well!  These same techniques, patterns, etc. can be applied to gift tags, greeting cards, etc. – whatever you can come up with.

My next class will be an “Introduction to Zentangle” where you can begin your Zentangle Journey and enjoy all the other classes that are planned for the next three months at Icarus.  Hope to see you at one of them!

img_1607 img_1603 img_1600img_1605

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