Challenge #308 … “Mac’n’Cheese”

This week’s Challenge was a nice, simple, easy one …. use your favorite go-to pattern on a tile.  My favorite go-to is “Flux” – it’s fun to draw, relaxing, and goes anywhere on a page.  When I have to sit and wait, I love to do Flux on whatever I can get my hands on!  My other favs are Cruffle and Zinger so this tile features all three.

9 responses to “Challenge #308 … “Mac’n’Cheese”

  1. The tile looks beautifull. i like your idea of background.


  2. Beautiful composition!


  3. Lovely tile and so pretty on the gray!


  4. These three tangles go together beautifully! This is an awesome tile!


  5. Beautiful composition on that grey tile, I love it


  6. Beautiful and elegant!


  7. Great work on the gray paper. The white highlights really add a lot. I like your simple line border.


  8. Beautiful and delicate! Love it!


  9. Beautiful Tile! The colour and composition…. so delicate and feminine. 🙂


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