Challenge #317 … Photo Tangles

This week’s Diva Challenge is to use a photograph or picture as your string …. put the photo down on your tile and then tangle around it.  Sounds like a fun idea.

I used a photograph of my niece’s dog, Skout, as my inspiration.  Just recently I taught a “Stacked & Tangled” class so I continued this theme on my Diva Tile.  I think it almost fits the challenge of last week’s “Stripes” which I didn’t have a chance to participate in so this will be a dual-entry this week!

The class was a real success with us creating two different tiles using different patterns.  Everyone agreed it’s a different and fun way to tangle without using the “traditional” string theory.


9 responses to “Challenge #317 … Photo Tangles

  1. Love Skout!! Such a COOL dog!! Love the layered/stacked strings. Great way to teach tangles! 🙂


  2. I love this! Stacked Tangles are my favorite 😀


  3. Under the sun

    That is such a cute one of Skout!!!

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. I’m fond of this cool picture of Scout and I like the results of those stacked tangles too!


  5. That dog! That attitude, right there! Great bold tile, and also the class tiles are super.


  6. Wonderful picture of a dog with attitude and a great choice of tangles to match.


  7. Skout looks so cool! Very well drawn tangles. I like the stacked tangles too.


  8. Nice to include Skout in the challenge. I really like the layered look!


  9. This is a real fun tile.


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