Challenge #326 … ‘Nzepple

This week’s Diva Challenge is brought to us by Elisa Murphy, CZT, to use the pattern ‘Nzepple.  I’ve used Printemps along with ‘Nzepple on my tile.  I also added a couple “little friends” …. we’re having major issues with birds at our house by the beach so it seems that I’ve got birds on my brain.  Baby seagulls, night herons, crows, etc. have invaded the neighborhood! They’re all cute, but so messy.

Thanks Elisa for the Challenge!

5 Comments on “Challenge #326 … ‘Nzepple

  1. We have little birds (and big birds) too! Your blue Printemps reminds me of water and we’re in coastal New Jersey in a beach town, so that fits too. Nice.


  2. Lovely tile with those birds! We have also a lot of birds and I love the magpies most (despite of their SCREAMING all the time 🙂


  3. Your ‘Nzeppel looks a lot like paving stones. The little birds are cute. We do not have a problem with birds, just chipmunks. In real life they are not as cute as Chip and Dale.


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