A “Seussical Garden” …

I had a great afternoon at the Icarus Creative Arts Studio, on the grounds of the Bernardo Winery, this past Sunday.  Six of us gathered to create “Dr. Seuss-inspired” gardens.

I presented a few new patterns to the group, then we proceeded to create our over-sized ZIA’s.  The class included Judy Jankauski, CZT, and her daughter and 7 yr. old grandson.  He was adorable!  He’s been learning Zentangle from “Nana”, and even presented drawing a tile as part of his school’s “Talent Show!”  He went up, drew his four dots, border lines, string and proceeded to tangle.  No speaking, just drawing!  How awesome is that.  I should have asked him to arrive a bit earlier and he could have presented his “talent” to the rest of us.  It was a real pleasure to have him in this class.  He was absorbed for the full two hours, and drew a very playful garden, complete with a garden gnome (all of his own creation!)

The highlight of this class was learning how to put different tangles together to create “objects” for the garden, such as Squid+Btl-joos makes an awesome tree!  Adding orbs, curlie-q’s, auras, stripes, darkened lines – all add to the “whimsical” appearance.  I put out colored pencils in the final 1/2 hour to add a bit of color.  Some didn’t quite finish their work, but are well on their way.  This was a very fun class and I’d highly recommend it as a class to share or a class to take!

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