Going Big … “Opus”

This past weekend, four of us met and created Opus tiles at the Icarus Creative Art Studio.    When the ladies opened their envelopes and saw the size of the tile, they were a bit intimidated by the 10×10 paper.  I assured them it wouldn’t be any different than the usual 3.5×3.5, we just had more space to cover!  As soon as we applied our four dots, border and string, things got a little easier.  In fact, by the end of the class, everyone agreed that they really liked this size.  They felt a little less inhibited as they had more space to work with.  I also pointed out the front side of the Opus tiles and mentioned that many people have tangled on this side so they could incorporate the beautifully embellished phrases/design into their piece.  I encouraged them to give it a try next time …. just like I need to!

As to be expected, I knew we wouldn’t complete our tiles in the two hour class, but we got pretty far.  I used the first 1/2 hour of class to teach a few new patterns so this even gave us less time to finish.  At classes end, they still had some spaces to fill and shading to apply.  I’m hoping they will complete them in the next few weeks and bring them back the next time we meet to share.  Once again, this was another fun class, shared on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, on the grounds of the Bernardo Winery.

Next up …. Embedded Letters on October 22nd!

… FYI …
If you’re ever at the Winery, in addition to spending time in the Tasting Room,
be sure to visit the Icarus Creative Arts Studio & Gallery – a working studio and retail shop.  
Many of the items have been created by the owners themselves, or other local artists.
 It’s a must see with lots of cool items to see.

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