“A Tangled Forest” ….

This past weekend saw eight ladies and one young man creating “tangled forests” – a class shared by Marie Browning when I attended Tangle U earlier this year.  It was a fun class to create on a very warm San Diego afternoon.  Everyone received a pre-colored 8×8 panel, three dual brush pens, and a dragonfly cut-out. (The pre-colored panels and dragonfly cut-outs helped save valuable class time as we only have two hours to complete our work.)   A few other items made it into the packets just in case they want to give this project another try at home.

Four of the ladies picked this class to celebrate their friend’s birthday – Karen, Karen, and Barbara came to have some fun with birthday girl Sharen.  They all had taken classes before, but it was their first visit to Icarus Creative Arts Studio.  Judi, Judy, Sharon, Cherie and David rounded out the rest of the class.  David is Judy’s grandson and a real Zentangle enthusiast.  This was his second or third class at Icarus.  He lives on the East Coast and shares tiles back and forth with his Grandma (who is also a CZT)!

After a brief demonstration on how to make a splash background, should they try this again, we were ready to start.  We went through the project as a group, then when it was time to color, they went on their own blending the three pens that we had to use.  Knowing that maybe some would prefer more than just the three colors, I brought multiple colors of dual brush pens so they could add just a little extra color to their work, and to their add-on dragonfly if desired.  The outcomes were all quite different – again, amazing since how you all use the same patterns and instructions, but the outcomes vary so much.

Next up, September 16th, is the tangled linen art panel – we’ll use three different colored pens (black, brown, white)  to create a beautiful piece of art, using many different patterns.  Come join us – great way to spend a Sunday afternoon – and it’s air conditioned!



















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