Bijou Frames ….

In February, a group of us met at Icarus Creative Arts Studio to learn how to make “frames” for the Bijou tiles.  We took a 3.5″x3.5″ white tile and first created a border around the outside using the pattern Fassett (Lynn Meade, CZT).  Then we took out a Bijou tile (2″x2″) and formed the “centerpiece” of our little ZIA.  We used our initials to tangle and then fill with gold jelly roll pen.  We put two slits in each side of the larger tile and stuck our Bijou inside, softly folding so they inserted and remained “puffed out” a little – more dimensional.  Our second piece was a mono-tangled Bijou using the Zentangle pattern Aquafleur, with a border of Ditto (created by Sue Jacobs, CZT).  

They turned out really nice – we all agreed these would be great little gifts for someone.  Everyone received a small black easel to showcase their tiles.  This was a really fun afternoon!  

I had high hopes that we could finish three tiles in this 2 hour class, but it didn’t happen.
The Bijou top middle with Tootsie was going to be the third – using a little color this time!

Next month – “Tropical Gardens” inspired by Cheryl Moore, CZT.

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