Dingsplatz …

Imagine this – you take a handful of tangles, throw them up in the air and let them land.  What do you get …. “Dingsplatz”!  That’s one of Zentangle’s newest concepts that I shared with Judy and Juli last week.  I offered two new patterns to them – Pixiozes by Margaret Bremner and Belle by Sarah Harrison, and we were ready to proceed. 

Dingsplatz can be drawn on a round or square tile, so we used one of each.  Judy elected to use a blue pen, then shade with a blue pencil for her square tile.  Turned out very nice.  I’ve seen this technique used by others, but never tried it before.  She was up for giving it a go!  We did a little shading with our graphite, then added a few highlights with a white charcoal pencil.  All in all, a nice evening with some fun tangling.

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