Intro to Zentangle … Autumn

Recently I was invited to a friend’s home to share Zentangle with a group of ladies.  None had ever been introduced to Zentangle so I gave them their first class, Intro to Zentangle.  We completed the customary “Z” tile and all were surprised by the outcomes … everyone heard the same instructions, but how they all turn out so different.

For the second tile, normally I would teach this on another original tile, but being that it’s the Fall season and we were in Cindy’s beautifully decorated home, I drew out a stencil of a pumpkin on an Apprentice tile. The sections of the pumpkin were used as the “string”. The class still received instruction on five new patterns on their pumpkins so the concept worked out very well.  For fun, and a little color, we added Nadine Roller’s pattern, Gelijoy, (the leaves) and just a bit of green colored pencil to highlight the leaves.  They all turned out great, and with a few variations in each because of their different interpretations of the patterns.  Their finished tiles are so nice, it’s hard to believe this was their first class!

Thank you Cindy for having me to your home, and for the delicious lunch you served after class.  It was a great way to spend a Monday morning!


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