“Steampunk Tangling” …

Five “brave” ladies ventured to Icarus Creative Arts Studio for a relaxing two hour Zentangle lesson on Sunday afternoon.  The past week (and currently) found us all in need of a small diversion from the worldly chaos.  The Winery was still open as of class time, as well as the small shops on the grounds.  Everything was scrubbed and scoured clean so we were all very comfortable with our surroundings.  Upon conclusion of our class, a media alert came through that instructed all wineries, bars, etc. to shut down!  It was good to patronize Icarus, as well as Manzanita Roasting Company, before potential closures were made.

This class featured steampunk tangling.  

Steampunk ….” is an art, fashion and culture movement inspired by the industrial revolution”.  

The patterns reflected gears, bolts, keys, pipes, screen, metal plate, etc.  This was a lot of fun but a bit more involved than our regular Zentangle practice.  Some thought had to go into the selection and placement of our patterns.  For this project, we did not use a string.  There are quite a few patterns to be found on the internet, as well as in Alice Herndon’s book, “Tangle All Around the World’.  For our tile, we used a “kraft” colored paper with a brown Sakura micron pen.  Unfortunately, the colors do not show in the pictures.  They are more vivid in real life!

NEXT UP … fingers crossed …
“Flower Collage”
April 5th from 1-3:00pm at Icarus
(Please check this site or with Icarus to be sure studio is open pending future health closures)


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