CZT: AE2020

During the month of August, I’ve been participating in an on-line gathering of CZT’s from around the world in an event called CZT: AE 2020 Master Classses.  This was created by Stephanie Jennifer and Debbie New, CZT’s in Singapore.  Classes are taught by CZT’s worldwide.  It’s been fun, challenging, and educational, and I still have several classes to go!  Now that I’m officially retired, I’ve had lots of time to do this!

I’ve learned some exciting new techniques to share when my classes resume.  When will that be?  I’d like to think I could start up again either later this month or October.  I’ll send out an email to gauge people’s thoughts on setting up classes again within the next week or so.  If you have any thoughts about future classes, please let me know.  In the meantime, tangle on …….

Fan Fragments
(Debbie Bowyer CZT, instructor)

Soaring Birds – Escher Style
(Lynn Shelton Mead CZT, Instructor)

Tangled Facets
(Stephanie Jennifer CZT & Joni Toh CZT, Instructors)

Zen Button After Dark
(Heidi Kay CZT, Instructor)

2 Comments on “CZT: AE2020

  1. Hi Susan, wow that sounds like a fun course for you! I am so glad you are enjoying it. I think that if we hold the classes on one Sundayna month at Icarus we can accommodate 6 people. Theresa has 2 tables. She can disinfect them or you can come early and do that or I can come and do that for you as I live only 10 minutes from the winery. We can have one person on each end of the tables and one person in the middle. We could also have 2 other people in the middle on the other side. Theresa does not make us wear masks in class although it we go to see a person’s work we put them on. Everyone has to wear their masks while walking around on the grounds of the winery. We can keep them on in class if everyone feels more comfortable that way. Yiu will need to set you easel up at the front right in front of the space between the two tables so everyone can see and you will have to use a heavy black marker so we can see what you are doing and you will have to go slower to make sure everyone can see what you are doing. Plus you’ll have to make your drawing really big. But I think it can work. Also you might want to have us just do one type of design per class as some of the tangles you posted look quite complicated.

    If you have lots of people who want to come to class maybe you can have it twice a month. Sunday is a good day for Jessica, my artist friend who came to the steampunk class. I can come during the week as imam retired but would prefer Sunday zone Jessica and I can visit then. (Butnwe won’t disrupt class of course)

    Just my thoughts on the matter. I have trouble sitting down on my own and doing Zentangle although I use my workbooks if I’m stressed. However since I retired I am way less stressed for the most part!

    Hope to see you soon!

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  2. Wow – wonderful art you are creating. Wondered what you might be doing without on-going classes. I’ve taken a few fun classes online – one fun one involved watercolors – a stretch for me but fun. Are you considering doing any Zoom classes?


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