“Soulful Afternoon”…

This past weekend, I participated in the “Make Your Soul Happy” Retreat hosted by my sister-in-law/yogi, Camilla Sinclair at Foundation Yoga in Solana Beach, CA. I had a great time getting back into teaching Zentangle to twelve new tanglers! Actually only ten newbies as Camilla, and a past student who attended the Retreat, Cherie, have taken classes from me before! It was enjoyed by everyone and apparently chatter about Zentangle continued the next day in following yoga classes. I like that!

Prior to my portion of the Retreat, attendees were treated to a delicious lunch prepared by Ashley Gaston. She made a hearty and healthy vegetable broth with ramen noodles. She had a beautiful “greens” bar where we could choose our toppings of basil, mint, green onion, lime, tofu, jalapeños. So tasty and beautifully served. We then topped off lunch with yummy home made chocolates!

We finished two tiles in our two hour session – the basic Zentangle “Z” tile and then a nice seasonal “Vertigogh” tile. Then the ladies had another ninety minutes of restorative yoga to complete their day.

Thank you to Camilla for including me in her Retreat and allowing me to share my passion for Zentangle with new friends.

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