Challenge #173…Redux, Remix, Revisit

The Challenge this week took a little time for me to figure out what we’re supposed to do!  In fact, I thought I would pass on this one, BUT, my personal challenge is to get an entry in every week.  AND after just completing my CZT course, I have no excuses from now on.

My four days in Providence were so awesome.  Along with my high school friend, Janet Masey, I’d been waiting since last September to go to seminar.  We had a great time and met so many interesting people from all over.  The opportunity to be in the same room with Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas , the creators of Zentangle, was wonderful.  What a great vibe they put off – I loved every minute in that classroom.  I’m more inspired than before to tangle everyday and see what magic I can make …. one stroke at a time.

My tile this week is on black – something I don’t use.  I opted to use Aquafleur – one of my favorites.  It reminds me of something I would find “under the sea”.  While at seminar, we learned Mooka from Maria.  I was always afraid to try this one, getting all tangled up whenever I attempted to put it down.  I like how it flows – when you get the pen going in the right direction!  I realized that working with white on black it tends to look a little messy.  I need to keep at it and sharpen my lines.  Molly Hollibaugh showed us the technique of using the white Jelly pen – to let it tickle the paper as you draw – and that seems to work really well.

Here’s my entry for the Challenge put out by Sharla Hicks while Laura is in Providence this week.

ImageTangles used – Aquafleur & Mooka

14 Comments on “Challenge #173…Redux, Remix, Revisit

  1. Hi, Susan. Congratulations on becoming a new CZT. That is awesome. Would love to hear more of what the experience was like for you. Does the world look different now? Mooka has gotten a lot of air time the last few weeks. I’m glad of it. I like how it can fit into any tangle. You did a great job with the Aquafleur/Mooka partnership. Putting them on black was a whole new level of fun. Nicely done.


    • Thanks David. The world does look different since I found Zentangle. I see patterns everywhere I look – appreciating things in a different way now! Weird how that happened …..


  2. Congratulations!!!!! Your black tile is very pretty with Mooka learned from the master herself.


  3. Congratulations on becoming a CZT. Enjoy the journey that is now beginning. You did well on the black tiles. Working with the white gel pens can be tricky. I also referenced the “tickle the paper” in a recent blog post. Did not remember it was Molly that said it. It will get easier the more you do it.


  4. Yes it is aquafleur, I did a double take, on black in white it looks fantastic. Well done 🙂


  5. Hey Betsy … You’re right on “great minds” … however, kind of got sloppy looking after attempting to shade. Practice, practice, practice … there are no mistakes!


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