Challenge #174 .. Superimposing Strings

This week’s Diva Challenge was given to us by Aimee Belair, CZT.  She asked us to superimpose a string on a string!  For my non-Zentangle friends, when you start a tile, you draw four dots in each corner, then connect the dots with four lines.  Then …. you break up the space by drawing a “string” – any way you want.  So this challenge called for making the initial string, then adding another string over top.  I took before & after photos.  The “befores” don’t look too good, but that’s what I got on my phone!  View other submissions at the Diva Challenge.

  Image       Image


Patterns used: Hollibaugh, Mooka, Meer, Flux & Paradox

7 Comments on “Challenge #174 .. Superimposing Strings

  1. I find this a very intriguing tangle tile… love it all.. very nicely created and I love the openness at the top to allow the leaves to grow… Love, Light and Peace..Bonnie


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