Challenge #174 .. Superimposing Strings

This week’s Diva Challenge was given to us by Aimee Belair, CZT.  She asked us to superimpose a string on a string!  For my non-Zentangle friends, when you start a tile, you draw four dots in each corner, then connect the dots with four lines.  Then …. you break up the space by drawing a “string” – any way you want.  So this challenge called for making the initial string, then adding another string over top.  I took before & after photos.  The “befores” don’t look too good, but that’s what I got on my phone!  View other submissions at the Diva Challenge.

  Image       Image


Patterns used: Hollibaugh, Mooka, Meer, Flux & Paradox

7 responses to “Challenge #174 .. Superimposing Strings

  1. I find this a very intriguing tangle tile… love it all.. very nicely created and I love the openness at the top to allow the leaves to grow… Love, Light and Peace..Bonnie


  2. Great collection of standard tangles composed beautifully!


  3. Lovely tile! Nice shading!


  4. Love your Tile, Susan. The solid black behind the Hollibaugh really grounds the whole piece.


  5. Lovely tile with a fine contrast!


  6. Nice variety of tangles. Nice shading on Meer.


  7. Thank you all for your kind remarks! So nice to get feedback.


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