Challenge #175 – “UMT – Crux” …

As usual, the first Monday of each month has the Diva featuring a tangle made by another Zentangle enthusiast! This week we use “Crux”, created by Henrike Bratz. I recently purchased ATC cards so decided to do mine on one of these. Once I got started, I realized my design was looking pretty rough/rustic so I just let it go, filling in beyond the lines, shading in different places and added a “funky” border around the whole thing. Looks different than what I usually do … I like it. Go to the Diva’s website to view all the other creative entries.



9 responses to “Challenge #175 – “UMT – Crux” …

  1. I think it’s pretty cool. It almost look like a mosaic inlay on an ancient jewelry box or something. Nice.


  2. Very nice with the pearls outlining the tangle area. Love the elegance you’ve given to this drawing.


  3. Your Tile is full of eye appeal. Beautifully created. Your “Tender” use of color is perfect. I love it.


  4. Nice job. I agree that this looks like it could be the inlay on a box. Nice effect.


  5. This is beautiful, very elegant!


  6. Lovely!!! I like the white orbs.


  7. Wonderful ATC with Crux and the pearls!


  8. Could be a little trinket box. Cool!


  9. Great ATC! Love what you did with this one!


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