Weekly Challenge #176 … “BYOB”

(FIRST OF ALL – Apologies on bad link on Diva’s site.  Don’t know what I did wrong!)

Our challenge this week was a little different … with the summer season in full swing, guest Diva, Amy Broady, asked us to use our favorite beverage in any way, shape or form!  You could spill it, paint it, drink it while you tangled, sit in your favorite drinking spot and tangle – the ideas were endless.  The main thing was just to “bring your own beverage”!

With the hot weather, I love a Starbucks iced chai tea latte.  Love them so much that I actually buy the Tazo Chai Tea concentrate at my grocery store.  For the price of one chai latte at Starbucks, I get the whole carton and about eight drinks!  And they taste just as good.  SO … for my challenge I took some iced chai tea and splattered it on my tile.  I really like the creamy caramel color on the tile.  In looking through patterns to learn, I came across YAF which to me looked kind of “India-ish” – like my spicy chai tea.  Then I added a few Flux for the paisley look.  Like it!  Nice and simple, but colorful using a bit of colored pencil.

See the other entries at the Diva’s website.  So many creative ideas from everyone BYOB’ing!


Patterns used – YAF, Flux & Jetties (with splatters of chai tea!)

11 Comments on “Weekly Challenge #176 … “BYOB”

  1. So lovely with the tea showing through in the background and such appropriate tangles


  2. The color of the tea splash is great and what you tangled over it it very, very beautiful.


  3. Like what you chose to do with this tile. Your tangles are great choices and I like that you left a part of the stain untouched. Looks great since it has so many different stems/limbs and not just a larger stain.


  4. Love your Tile, Susan. You created a terrific stain and created a great tangle with your patterns. I love that Butterscotch color you achieved.


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