Challenge #178 … Duotangle by the Letter

Before I get into my submission for this week’s Diva Challenge, I just want to say how much I love Zentangle and the new path it is taking me.   I’ve met some wonderful people who share in this passion, as well as new internet “connections” to keep it growing.  Thanks to Janet, Rho, Suzanne, Sherry, Patty & Elaine.  It’s always fun to get together with you guys!

This week’s Challenge gave me a perfect opportunity to “explore” new patterns.  With my initials being “SB”, I figured I could always use the usual patterns such as Shattuck or Bales, but I opted to try something different.  And, in being different, I decided “no swirls or circles”!  I love the organic patterns but I need to expand and try others.  Here is my attempt done on an ATC tile ….

DSC_0110Patterns used … Swarm & Braze

7 Comments on “Challenge #178 … Duotangle by the Letter

  1. Nicely done once again SB !!! and thank you for the compliment. The feeling is mutual. We are enjoying the heck out of this thing called ZENTANGLE. Who would have thought?

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