Weekly Challenge #179 … Bijou

Zentangle introduced their new “mascot” in June …. a little snail named “Bijou”.  Like Bijou, drawing patterns is very slow and deliberate, all the while enjoying the process and getting lost in your own thoughts.  (At least that’s my interpretation!)  Because of the small size, new tiles were introduced in the way of 2″x2″ …. that is small.  This week’s challenge is to use the new Bijou tiles and create whatever your heart desires.  I felt a garden coming on …..


Patterns used: Dragonair, Zinger, Poke Leaf, Fescu, Angelfish, Raindotty

and in all seriousness … Tripoli


 View them all at the Diva’s website!

17 Comments on “Weekly Challenge #179 … Bijou

  1. I love the garden tile, so much squeezed in and still room for a little Bijou snail (sounds like my garden although there’s usually more than one snail haha) Linda x


  2. Your garden looks great and you did a great job of coloring it. Did you use markers/pens or pencils. Such a nice place for Bijou to visit and rest. He must be tired after traveling cross country. Your Tripoli also turned out well.


  3. I just love your ‘Bijou’ tile!!! He’ll never want to go home if he could live in a garden like that!! I was going to ask what you used to color, but I see Donald asked that question already!! Fabulous work on the coloring!! :0)Share Humanity


  4. your tripoli is elegant, and the idea to put the “white balls” inside the black – I just used it myself in my drawing. I saw it somewhere and it gave me inspiration. Could it be that I saw it here? 🙂
    I also love the first drawing – looks to me like a little garden in a snowy rain. Beautiful


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