Challenge #181 …. “Water” …

This week’s Diva Challenge is made for me.  We are challenged to use “water” in any way we like.  I chose a sea life ZIA with my tile “brushed” with Derwent “water” colors.

I was disappointed with myself last week as I didn’t finish the Challenge with McDee.  I know there are “no mistakes” in Zentangle, but all my efforts looked like major MISTAKES!  I just couldn’t get the patterns to flow so they never made any sense.  But, this is a new week and I’m back at it.  Maybe others have these brief moments of “?”?

“Squid Party”

DSC_0109Patterns used Squid, Fescu, Zinger, Shiraz, Printemps

I love everything about the ocean and tend to keep my ZIA’s “ocean themed” …. hence the name of this Blog!  I live right near the water so I’m lucky enough to see it every single day.  


Sharing …. Beautiful beach in San Diego, California

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16 Comments on “Challenge #181 …. “Water” …

  1. Your tile is beautiful. I love undersea scenes. I especially like the subtle blues and greens.


  2. I too love the squids and the colours are perfect. What a fabulous view you have, we visited San Diego last year and loved it. Linda x


  3. You are a lucky person to see the sea all the time! Your tile is beautiful, I love the color. And yes, I know what you mean….


  4. Like your water color wash. I like the mixing that you did. I also thought of squid only mine was antisocial as was all by himself. It did not have friends to play with. Like the sense of motion that you achieved.


  5. I love this tile you did.. especially the seafoam green tint 🙂 I think it adds an extra bit of summery freshness 🙂 BTW.. this week’s challenge sounds like it was made especially for your blog “tangles by the sea” ^^ How fitting!

    P.S I hear you – I wasn’t pleased with my MacDee tile last week either 😛


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