Weekly Challenge #187 … “Close Your Eyes”

“Close your eyes” and draw your string … this is the Diva’s Challenge to us this week.  So, I drew my four dots, made my border and then shut my eyes.


The results …


7 responses to “Weekly Challenge #187 … “Close Your Eyes”

  1. i see you are a loops and circles kind of gal, too! hahaha! i had two circles in my string. i like the way you added cheesecloth to tie the whole tile together – nice work!


  2. Very lovely tile! Fine shading!


  3. nice string and nice choice of tangles. well donel


  4. A lovely tile; I especially like the right bottom side.


  5. I like your string and the way you completed your tile. I like your treatment of Mooka.


  6. I, too, love the way your constructed and populated your blind string. Very nice patterns.


  7. Love the cheese cloth in this one along with the way that you did Mooka!


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