Challenge #188 … National Coming Out Day

The Diva’s Challenge this week came via request of a young admirer of hers.  October 11th is “National Coming Out Day” which was relayed to her by this  young man.  He hoped Laura (the Diva) could base her Challenge on this event.  So …. here is my response to Challenge #188.


I used a  “rainbow” of colors to add color to my tile as well as the following patterns:  Lazy Eights, Gutz, Bunzo & Tortuga

10 responses to “Challenge #188 … National Coming Out Day

  1. very nice tile. your use of colour and tangles is very expressive.


  2. I like the colors and tangles you used!!!


  3. Colorful tile, very nice!


  4. Beautiful Tile. Love the Color application. I really like your use of Lazy Eights. Well done.


  5. Lovely and soft. I’m always happy to see Bunzo too!


  6. Beautiful work – looks so cheerful and positive!


  7. Lovely tile.


  8. Love the tangles that you picked for this one. Great tile


  9. So pretty and colourful tile! Nicely done!


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