Challenge #192…UMT “Seton”

With the Diva away taking care of her little guy for the month, the first guest contributor of the month is Chris Letourneau.  While the first Monday of each month is dedicated to using someone’s own pattern, Chris challenged us to use Seton – her pattern inspired by a window at her church. Here is my version – go to the Diva’s website to view all the other awesome entries this week. DSC_0109

5 responses to “Challenge #192…UMT “Seton”

  1. You did a great job, a very pretty tile.


  2. Wonderful response Tile, Susan. I like the Aura fills, and the use of Bead Line gives a wonderful lacey feel to Seton. Well done.


  3. great tangle – love the high contrast that you have achieved


  4. Oh, this is nice! It looks like a wonderful quilt. Cozy!


  5. Nice interpretation of Seton. I can feel the layers.


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