Challenge #194 … “Non Dominant Hand”

This week’s Diva Challenge was to use your non-dominant hand to create your tile.  So, my very uncooperative left hand drew my string and then I began to tangle.  I had been told to just “go slow” and it will help.  Well, some lines got a little squiggly and out of control, but the end result isn’t too bad.  In fact, I may even try it again!  Check all the other submissions at the Diva’s website.

DSC_0002Patterns “attempted” … Zinger, Aha(?), Croon,
Meer, Printemps, Flux, & N’Zepple

9 Comments on “Challenge #194 … “Non Dominant Hand”

  1. You did well with this challenge and the tangles you used are certainly not the easiest.


  2. I really like this tile! I can’t do Zinger at all and yours is super fun! I love what you decided to do with Meer and the striping on the sides.


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