Diva Challenge #200!

Congrats to Laura Harms, “The Diva”, for posting her 200th Diva Challenge this week – that is a lot of computing and creating!  She does this through the kindness of her Canadian heart for all of us Zentangle enthusiasts to participate each week.  THANK YOU Laura for your time and effort on our behalf.

The Challenge was to use our “go to” pattern and fill out the entire tile with that pattern.  I really like “Echoism”  – free flowing and fun to draw.  So, here is my tile for the week, and my contribution to trying to make 200 entries for the 200th celebration. Thanks again Laura …. you are appreciated here in sunny Southern California!


5 responses to “Diva Challenge #200!

  1. Oh wow, I forgot about echoism. It’s a fun tangle for a fun tile!


  2. 🙂 Thats a nice tangle isn’t it? I need to go back to it…. and the black….


  3. Nice, to be reminded of a tangle you had forgotten. Thanks! Your tile is lovely.


  4. Nice use of this tangle. Do not think I have seen anyone else do this one.


  5. Really like the black background with the white ink!


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